Relive Darth Vader's Big Rogue One Scene in Star Wars Animated Short

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

One of the most talked about moments in 2016's Star Wars: Rogue One was the appearance of Darth Vader during the film's final battle to single-handedly dispatch an entire corridor of Rebel troops in an effort to prevent the Death Star plans from leaking to the Rebel Alliance.

The latest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures animated short recreates this iconic sequence in an anime style, with slight revisions to make it appear more family friendly without compromising the brutal efficiency of Vader's assault.

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"All too easy," remarks the Sith Lord as he kills the last soldier before a contingent of Stormtrooper reinforcements arrive in a revised ending to film's sequence.

Galaxy of Adventures launched as LucasFilm's official Star Wars channel on YouTube this past November, with animated shorts recreating iconic scenes using archival audio with other videos providing background on the characters and vehicles seen in the Star Wars universe.

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The new YouTube channel is part of LucasFilm's wider efforts to promote the Star Wars brand and reposition it for larger audiences in anticipation of Star Wars: Episode IX this December.

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