"Darth Vader Annual" Confirms: Sith Lords Don't Dance

SPOILER WARNING: The following article discusses events from "Darth Vader Annual" #1, on sale now.

You can dance if you want to, but Darth Vader's fine where he is, thank you very much. The prospect of Darth Vader cutting a rug seems too out there for "Star Wars" canon, but today's "Darth Vader Annual" from Kieron Gillen and Leinil Yu comes close to giving fans just that.

In the issue, Darth Vader is sent to the planet Shu-torun to "reinforce their cooperation" and squash any inclinations they have towards rebellion following the destruction of the Death Star. Upon his arrival, he is greeted with a celebration arranged by the king in order to showcase Shu-torun's culture. This, of course, involves dancing -- much dancing! When an Ore-Duke approaches Vader and forcefully insists he must take part in the Shu-torun Counter-Bore Waltz, the Sith Lord instead busts out one of his old moves.

It might not be a waltz, but the Force Hold Shuffle really is a showstopper. Marvel Comics' "Darth Vader Annual" #1 is on sale now.

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