Darth Maul is Relentless in Latest 'Star Wars Rebels' Clip

As if the presence of Grand Admiral Thrawn in "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 doesn't signal trouble enough for the Ghost crew, Darth Maul is in top form in this latest clip.

Voiced once again by Sam Witwer, who appeared on the "Rebels" panel at "Star Wars" Celebration Europe, Maul resurfaced at the end of Season  2, where he blinded Kanan and decided Ezra should be his apprentice. As we can see in this scene, the passage of time hasn't diminished the Sith Lord's desire to kill one and mold the other.

"If at first you don't succeed," Maul says, "try, try again!"

The clip arrives in the aftermath of the show's Celebration panel, where the first Season 3 trailer introduced fan-favorite Expanded Universe villain Grand Admiral Thrawn, who's appearance had been rumored for months.

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