Darren Aronofsky May Or May Not Do A TV Series About Demons

Darren Aronofsky is already directing an HBO pilot about magicians and con men taking on Adolf Hitler called Hobgoblin, and now he's moving toward the small screen once again. Maybe. See, there are conflicting reports.

On the one hand, you have confirmation from author Daryl Gregory that his novel Pandemonium was optioned by Aronofsky's Protozoa Pictures for development as a TV series. But you also have an update from The Playlist saying that Aronofsky's reps are calling the news false. Who to believe?

The story follows a 20-something man named Del Pierce who is trying to rid himself of a demon that's possessed him since the age of 5. His adventure unfolds in an alternate world where recorded cases of demon possession have been common since the 1950s. Possessions also have a viral quality to them here, with demons jumping between hosts relatively quickly. Pierce is special then, because of his longtime affinity with a single demon.

Who knows what will happen here? Aronofsky, demon possessions, alternate world. Bring it.

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