Darren Aronofsky at Odds With Paramount Over 'Noah'

Noah has hit rocky waters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Darren Aronofsky and Paramount Pictures are at odds over the current version of the biblical epic, following some "worrisome" test screenings in New York, Arizona and California. An unnamed talent representative reportedly contends Aronofsky is "very dismissive" about Paramount's suggested changes on the film.

Additionally, the report states that Noah has sailed past its original $125 million budget, due at least in part to "extensive" visual effects used in creating the film's flood and animals.

Mark Joseph, a marketing consultant for films like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, tells THR that Aronofsky's approach to Noah could be "an example of a director not listening to those voices that would have been warning of the dangers of veering too far away from the biblical text. The director is there to serve the studio and the audience, not veer off into directions that go against the core audience's beliefs — at least if the goal is to get them to come to the theater."

For their part, Paramount's Rob Moore claims the project is currently undergoing a "normal preview process," and the final result will be "one version of the movie that Darren is overseeing."

"We're getting to a very good place, and we're getting there with Darren," he adds.

The Russell Crowe-starring Noah is scheduled for release on March 28.

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