Darkwing Duck: Why It's the Perfect Time to Get Dangerous Again


one of the most fondly-remembered animated television shows of all time was recently relaunched when the all-new ducktales debuted on disney xd. though it's still early in its first season, the show has been successful so far in drawing in new viewers along with longtime fans who grew up enjoying the original incarnation.

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whether you grew up watching disney's animated television line-up in '90s or not, it's likely you've at least heard of chip 'n dale: rescue rangers, disney's talespin and, of course, darkwing duck.  the terror that flaps in the night's show aired for only three seasons between 1991 and 1993, but its 91 episodes built a fanbase that would love to see the eponymous water fowl get dangerous once again.


most fans probably believe that darkwing duck and ducktales exist within the same universe, but according to show creator tad stones, the two are, in fact, separate. despite this separation, the character launchpad mcquack popped up in both series, scrooge mcduck is mentioned in darkwing duck, and it has been announced that darkwing duck/drake mallard will be making an appearance in the new ducktales series.

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of course, that's not nearly enough. now that we know darkwing duck is sharing the same universe with this incarnation of ducktales, it's time to get dangerous again and bring everyone's favorite duck superhero back to television in his own series.

Darkwing Duck Comic Panel.jpg

not only was it a successful after-school television series, darkwing duck spawned comic books, video games and many other forms of media that have continued to perpetuate the zeitgeist. in 2010, boom! studios released the duck knight returns, written by aaron sparrow and ian brill with pencils by james silvani. the series was intended to be a four-issue miniseries, but was so successful it quickly became an ongoing title. unfortunately, the series came to an abrupt conclusion in 2011 when boom! lost its disney license. five years later, silvani and sparrow relaunched darkwing duck in a new series.

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