"Darksiders II" Official Release Date, Pre-Order Incentives

Joe Maduriera's latest game project, "Darksiders II," developed in collaboration with his team at Vigil Games, has has seen its profile rise considerably iover the last several months, growing from a gaming blip on the horizon to a game that fans are chomping at the bit to dive into. Among the major developments piquing fan interest was the news that Death will be the protaganist in the sequel as he fights to avenge the fate of the first game's lead, Death's fellow Horseman of the apocalypse War.

While fans have long been aware of the targeted June 2012 release for the game, through THQ's official "Darksiders" Twitter account, the publisher has officially announced that the game will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 26.

Along with that, the company has revealed the first pre-order incentives, with several retailers getting bonus goodies. They are as follows:

Gamestop pre-orders will receive the Death Rides pack. This includes multiple exclusive side-quests that will let players explore more of the Death Maker's Realm and Dead Plains. Other missions include helping an ancient Construct, battling The Bloodless and retrieving the lost treasure of Karn.

Best Buy's pre-order is the Angel of Death pack, giving gamers enhanced armor with an angel inspired design, as well as matching scythes. An exclusive purple visual trail will also be introduced for the crow that aids you on your journey.

Amazon pre-orders receive the Deadly Despair Pack which includes an additional speed boost for Death's horse, Despair, "allowing players to travel across the vast world even faster than before."

As always, it's likely that more pre-order incentives will be introduced closer to the game's release, possibly tied in with a Collector's Edition.

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