"Darkseid War" Concludes, "Super League" Begins and More from DC in April

Check out DC Comics' full April 2016 solicitations!

With DC Comics' full April 2016 solicitations freshly unveiled, plenty of new information has again been revealed of the company's upcoming offerings. Readers already knew about projects like the "Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys" miniseries and the "Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fool's Special" one-shot (it's a big month for Harley), plus the return of "Bloodlines," but there's also lots of new stuff, too -- here are some highlights.

  • With "Justice League" hitting #50 in April, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok bring their epic-length "Darkseid War" story to a close in a 48-page issue, one said to have major repercussions on the book's future: "It doesn't get bigger than this as DC's monthly super hero event comic sets the stage for the next year and beyond!"
  • A new crossover between the Superman books begins in April and runs through May, which each part written by Peter Tomasi. It's titled "Super League," and the eight-part story will span "Superman," "Batman/Superman," "Superman/Wonder Woman" and "Action Comics." It starts in "Superman" #51, written by Tomasi and illustrated by Mikel Janin. Billed as "the start of a new chapter in the Man of Steel's life that will change everything you know," it sees Superman seeking out other superpowered protectors.
  • Batman gets a rare "quiet night in Gotham City" in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Batman" #51.
  • "Batman and Robin Eternal" co-writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly are on board "Grayson" #19 in place of usual writing team Tom King and Tim Seeley.
  • It's an "Authority" reunion as Apollo returns in "Midnighter" #11, where the title character has to team up with his ex against Henry Bendix.
  • "An ally returns from an unlikely place" in April's "Dark Knight III: The Master Race" #5. (Feel free to speculate who, and from where.)
  • Deadman guest stars in "Constantine: The Helllblazer" #11, attempting to bring John Constantine back to active duty after fleeing to Los Angeles.
  • The Riddler leaves Gotham and targets Central City in "The Flash" #51.
  • Faith Erin Hicks, David Petersen and Michael Dialynas all contribute to "Gotham Academy" #17, the "yearbook" issue.
  • A "new era for Hal Jordan" starts in "Green Lantern" #51.
  • Acclaimed "100 Bullets" artist Eduardo Risso returns to Vertigo with a guest stint on "Art Ops" #7.
  • Vertigo series "Slash & Burn" ends with issue #6.

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