"Darkness" #17 Features Writer David Lapham

Official Press Release

Top Cow's The Darkness #17 kicks off a new storyline with a 4-part series written with pencil breakdowns by industry superstar David Lapham (Stray Bullets). The creative team is rounded out with finishes by Brian Denham, colors by Matt Milla and a breathtaking cover by Dale Keown. The Darkness #17, titled "Hell House," hits stores November 17th and is the first of a four-part series by this incredible team.

Noir master David Lapham, who is author of the much acclaimed Stray Bullets, brings his own brand of horror and gritty realism to Top Cow, writing and doing the pencil breakdowns. "Basically, it's a deadly serious, darkly comic story involving an Atlantic City casino, a desperate woman, a gaggle of demons, the mob, a gun, a knife, a sword, a pair of dice, the beach, a boat, a hacksaw, two hookers, a Russian named Ivan, a yucky meal, and a really, really long ear canal," says Lapham. "The challenge is to make this the darkest, most twisted, and sickest comic you've ever seen--yet still fun for the whole family."

"There is no one, but no one in comics who does real-life horror like David Lapham," says Top Cow editor in chief, Jim McLauchlin. "His Stray Bullets is one of the most riveting reads in comics, and just as a fan, I love seeing him apply that same sensibility to The Darkness."

Lapham has finished writing all four issues and any requests for scripts or preview artwork can be directed to Annie Pham at apham@topcow.com. Top Cow is also making select artwork from Darkness #17 available for viewing online at www.topcow.com.

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