Darkhawk Is Flying Into Marvel's Contest of Champions

Contest Champions Darkhawk

In the Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions, dozens of the most famous heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe have been duking it out in the dimension-crossing mobile game for the past four years.

And now, one of the definitive Marvel heroes of the 1990s, Darkhawk, is joining the interdimensional fray.

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As the above video shows, Darkhawk has a devastating array of special moves that include a blast of energy from his alien amulet, super-charged stealth attacks and coils that can whip his opponents around. This Tech class fighter can also combine elements of those moves for especially potent combo attacks.

Created by Tom DeFalco and Mike Manley in 1991's Darkhawk #1, Christopher Powell found an alien amulet that transformed him into the armored hero Darkhawk. After seeing his father fall into a life of crime, Darkhawk vowed to use his new abilities to fight evildoers on Earth and across the universe, occasionally alongside the other young heroes of the New Warriors and as a reserve member of the Avengers.

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After his 50-issue series ended in 1995, Darkhawk drifted around the Marvel Universe for several years before ending up with the Loners, a group of former heroes. He went on to take roles in cosmic events like 2009's War of the Kings and this year's Infinity Countdown.

'Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available to play, for free, on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

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