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Dark Wolverine #84

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Dark Wolverine #84

Camuncoli’s art is stark, stylized, and sparse. Many of the details in the art come from the coloring of Marte Gracia, but this story doesn’t need to celebrate details. For the most part, that works, but when Bullseye tells Daken, in no uncertain terms, to “Go to hell,” the art falls apart a bit. The expression pasted on Daken’s face in the first panel after is lost, like a bad, incomplete drawing from the fevered mind of Howard Chaykin featuring a gradeschool-aged Daken who just had his pudding taken away, but Camuncoli recovers by putting rage into the body language of “Dark Wolverine” for the rest of this story.
This issue peeks into Daken’s mind, as he tries to figure out who he is. Daken wants to define himself for himself, and he believes that fighting and killing is the best way to do so. The Asgardian Fates have pointed Daken towards a way to embrace destiny – to make HIS decisions.
Way and Liu present Daken as a conflicted, fractured, misdirected individual, which makes him more a pitiable character than an underdog to cheer for. Daken tries to make his way through a path of bloodshed and death. Cutting down his opposition, but his path is unclear to Daken or to the reader.
This issue left me feeling slighted. I realize this is a sidebar to the main “Siege” book, but the way this story ends leaves me feeling as though there should have been a few pages more, especially with the impending team-up between Daken and his old man in the next issue of this series. Maybe Daken’s story will find resolution in the pages of “Siege,” but I think this book is where the story started here should be completed.
“Dark Wolverine” seems to me to be a book without boundaries set around the character. This issue certainly celebrates that, as you can see from the preview pages right here on CBR. Unfortunately, that also seems to translate into a story that really doesn’t seem to go anywhere powered by a character that fails to inspire.