Dark Tower TV Plans Would Include Idris Elba


Stephen King's sprawling fantasy epic finally makes the jump to the big screen when The Dark Tower arrives next month in theaters. However, film isn't the only outlet Sony has in mind for the Gunslinger: The ambitious adaptation plans still call for a movie trilogy and a television companion.

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According to producer Akiva Goldsman, the intention is for Idris Elba to reprise his role as Roland Deschain on television.

"The first episode of a show has been written, and we hope to retain Ron [Howard]’s original idea to mix platforms, something that seemed revolutionary 10 years ago but now is something that others have done,” Goldsman told Deadline. "Idris for sure is part of this, and if the movie is Roland Deschain the gunslinger, the show is his origin story, based on the fourth novel in the series, Wizard and Glass."

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In a Hollywood landscape where everyone is seeking to follow in Marvel's footsteps by building their own cinematic universes, The Dark Tower seems like a natural choice with its vast amount of reality-bending parallel universes. Idris Elba would also presumably have no issue returning to the small screen given his roles in both The Wire and Luther set him on the path to stardom.

Arriving Aug. 4, The Dark Tower also stars Matthew McConaughey, Abbey Lee, Katheryn Winnick, Fran Kranz, Claudia Kim and Jackie Earle Haley.

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