Dark Tower TV Series Adds Fan-Favorite Game of Thrones Actor


With Game of Thrones ending its acclaimed run with its eighth and final season, its cast members have started finding new roles elsewhere as the HBO series comes to an end.

Now, Jerome Flynn, who portrays the fan-favorite mercenary warrior Bronn, has been added to the cast of Amazon's upcoming adaptation of The Dark Tower in an unknown role outside of the detail that he will be a cowboy in the planned series.

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"I’ve always said I’d like to play a cowboy – and now one has come along," Flynn revealed in an interview with The Daily Mirror where he admitted he nearly quit acting before being cast as Bronn. "I'm excited for that."

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The adaptation of Stephen King's long-running fantasy western novel series is expected to begin principal photography this month and continue through June.

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The novels tell of an otherworldly gunslinger named Roland Deschain who recruits companions from Earth as he makes his way to the titular Dark Tower while fighting longtime King antagonist Randall Flagg. The series is expected to reveal the early days of Roland as he grows up in the fantastical world of Gilead.

There is no release date yet for Amazon's The Dark Tower. Glen Mazzara (The Walking Dead), Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King will serve as producers.

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