Saiyan Wives: 15 Dark Secrets About Chi-Chi, Bulma And Videl

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Here's a fun fact: did you know that Saiyans are only attracted to strong women? In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta and Goku bonded over the fact that they're both married to some strong-willed women, prompting the former to reveal that it's part of Saiyan male biology to be attracted to powerful women. Saiyans are just wired this way, and it can be seen in Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl, three of the franchise's strongest female characters. Despite their strong-willed ways, and the fact that they were featured prominently in different parts of the series, over time these characters began to fade a bit into the background.

Because of this, not all fans know the interesting facts about the wives of our favorite Saiyan warriors. In fact, there are some dark secrets lying behind Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl, facts that actually make them more interesting as characters. We all knew these ladies are hardcore in their respective fields, and don't take any guff from anyone, but what else is there to know about them? Well, when you take their pasts, personalities and actions into consideration, things start to get a bit dark, at least by some measure of the word. So, what facts about the Saiyans' wives are the darkest?


Though Videl and Bulma are also very strong-willed, no one gets their husband to submit like Chi-Chi does. She is a skilled non-superpowerd martial artist, but Chi-Chi's true strength lies in her strong will. Goku might be a (sometimes literal) god among men at times, able to level mountains without breaking a sweat, but he is still afraid of his wife.

Sure, Goku still goes against her will, usually by weaseling out of responsibility without her noticing, but he genuinely fears Chi-Chi, despite the fact that she couldn't even lay a scratch on him. Is it love? That's definitely a factor, but it's more likely Chi-Chi's stubborn personality. Think of how powerful that makes Chi-Chi, she could persuade Goku into doing nearly anything if she wanted. Heck, why has she never used Goku as a threat to get Gohan into a good school?


Despite the fact that Bulma is pretty much the smartest person in the world, her brains weren't exactly the focus of her character in the early days of Dragon Ball. With the comedic nature of the original manga/anime came tons of sexual humor, usually at Bulma's expense. Throughout the course of Dragon Ball, Bulma was subjected to countless lewd moments, usually involving someone ogling her.

Remember, Bulma was still a teenager in Dragon Ball, meaning every skimpy outfit she wore, every time her unmentionables could be seen, or every time part of her body was shown, the old men (usually Roshi) ogling her were doing so to someone much younger. In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma was no longer the butt of every sexual joke, but we can't imagine what kind of psychological effects her teen years had on her.


This one is a pretty well known fact, especially when looking at her father's name. Videl is the father of Mr. Satan, a character whose devil-themed name did not originally make it past American censors, the original Funimation dub changing it to Hercule. Mr. Satan eventually got his name back in later dubs, but the censors never seemed to affect his daughter, despite the fact that her name is also reminiscent of the devil.

Seriously, Videl's name is an anagram of "devil." This fact isn't particularly dark, since nearly everyone in the world of Dragon Ball is named after something random, but it is interesting and funny. Think about it: Videl is literally the spawn of Satan, Mr. Satan that is! Think she has horns under her hair?


In the Buu saga, quite a few people got turned into food and eaten by the demonic alien villain. In his Majin form, Buu turned entire cities into candies and even turned the king of all demons into a cookie! When he gained his Super form, Buu killed all the humans on Earth lookout with his human extinction attack, saving the survivors on Kami's lookout for later, turning each of them into different foods.

Amongst the many victims of Super Buu's magic is Chi-Chi, who was turned into an egg. Buu didn't eat this egg, however, deciding instead to crush it beneath his foot, killing Chi-Chi instantly. We have no idea if she could still sense things in egg form, but that was a terrible way to go. Luckily, Chi-Chi was resurrected with the dragon balls later on.


Like we said before, Bulma is incredibly smart, and even though her father started the Capsule Corporation, she is most likely the head of research and development or some similar position. Regardless, she's brilliant, and her alternate future self is no different, as she built a time machine. Time travel was thought to only be a tool of the gods and Bulma managed to build something that could do it -- that's pretty insane! But, what's so dark about it?

Well, for one thing, the reason that only the supreme kai have access to time travel is that it is something of a taboo/affront for a mortal to manipulate time. If that wasn't bad enough, one of the alternate timeline versions of Bulma is indirectly responsible for Cell coming to the present, her time machine having been used by the villain to travel back in time.


After Cell was defeated, the Z-fighters stepped back into the shadows of obscurity, leaving Mr. Satan to take the credit for saving the world from the bio-android. Because of this, everyone thinks Mr. Satan is the strongest man in the world. Thus, warriors who are clearly stronger than him believed themselves to be weaker than the hero of the world, including his own daughter.

Even before Videl learned to fly and harness her energy, she was already far better at martial arts than her father, a fact that she didn't know for sure for most of her life. What makes this dark? Well, it means that Mr. Satan must have, in some way, (perhaps unintentionally) tore down Videl's confidence in her abilities growing up, making her believe she was weaker than him for most of her life.


Chi-Chi and Goku are very different, especially in terms of power. Chi-Chi herself is a strong martial artist, but not to the degree of the ki-using Z-fighters. Add to this the fact that Goku is a super strong alien from a race of powerful warriors, and the two's power levels could not be farther apart.

A super strong alien in a relationship with a human is bound to result in some "incidents," seen in times that Goku has forgotten to hold back is own strength. The most famous incident is when he patted Chi-Chi on the back so hard that she flew through their house and right into a tree. We can't imagine this is the only time this has happened since Goku, despite being a powerful warrior, can be a bit clumsy with his strength, like when he and Gohan were Super Saiyans in the house.


Bulma is Goku's oldest friend and vise versa. The two went through a lot as kids, forming the longest-lasting, and perhaps closest, friendship of the entire franchise. This strong bond of friendship might seem like a fun fact on its own, but with the events of the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super, it is made incredibly dark.

In the alternate timeline that Future Trunks comes from, Goku died of a heart virus, already a loss for his oldest friend. Then, a few years later, Goku returned, but it wasn't the same Goku everyone knew and loved, it was Supreme Kai Zamasu in Goku's body. Bulma witnessed the death of countless people at the hands of someone with Goku's face, this dark experience culminating in her death by the hands of her oldest friend.


We already mentioned that Mr. Satan took credit for saving the world, a dark fact on its own, but there's more to it. In reality, it was Gohan who defeated Cell, but Mr. Satan claimed to do it. Videl was one of the first to learn that Gohan was the world's true hero, eventually falling in love with him. In a way, this is kind of messed up.

Gohan defeated Cell, then Mr. Satan took credit and his daughter eventually married the person he took credit from. What makes this messed up is that Videl actively sought ways to discredit her father's strength, the reason for her headstrong personality as a teen. When she found out that Gohan was definitely stronger than her dad, she started to fall for him, meaning that Videl might be attracted to power in some way.


All throughout Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi made it a point to push Gohan to study. This desire to have her son be a great scholar most likely stems from the fact that her husband is only good at fighting, lacking any proper schooling and never holding a decent job. Chi-Chi wanted better for her son, something she made clear from the very beginning.

In the first episode of Dragon Ball Z, Goku introduces his friends to his four-year-old son, telling them that Chi-Chi doesn't want him to fight at all. Of course, things didn't exactly go as planned and Gohan's power was eventually needed to save the world, leading to a life of fighting for the half-Saiyan. It's a good thing too, since Gohan was the one to defeat Cell, and if Chi-Chi had further enforced her "no fighting" plan, the world would have perished.


You know what's pretty dark? That Bulma is married to Vegeta. This is messed up for a couple of reasons. First of all, he's a mass murderer, having killed thousands, if not millions or more, of humans and other aliens. In fact, he was partially responsible for the death of Bulma's then-boyfriend, Yamcha. Everyone seems to have forgiven the Saiyan prince, but it's still kind of dark that Bulma fell in love with a murderer.

Perhaps even darker is the fact that Vegeta sort of started a family to get stronger. Vegeta believed that Goku was strong because he had a family to fight for, and thought that by growing closer to Bulma and their son, he could be stronger. This is kind of a screwed up reason to fall in love, made even weirder by the fact that Goku held a stake in his oldest friend's love life.


Videl died at the hands of Buu, entering the afterlife, which must be a disturbing experience on its own. However, by that time, the crazy elements of the world were already revealed to her, and she was confident things would go back to normal soon. We bring this up because dying wasn't the most painful experience that Videl faced, she went through a far more disturbing experience in the world martial arts tournament.

During the tournament, Videl might have been more prepared than some of the other human combatants, armed with the power of flight, but she never stood a chance in her fight with Spopovich, who was under the control of the evil wizard Babidi. Spopovich beat Videl nearly to death, mortally wounding her and tossing her around like a rag doll. If it wasn't for a senzu bean, she could have died from her injuries.


Here's a fact that most Dragon Ball Z fans might not remember: Chi-Chi is technically a princess, daughter to the Ox-King. Chi-Chi might not have been spoiled, since her father was more of a warrior king than anything, but she never seemed to have to work for her family's fortune. However, later in Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi and the Son family always seem to be struggling with money.

Chi-Chi's response to this is... kind of messed up. She always yells at Goku to bring in some money, either by tending to their farm or going out and getting a job. And yet, she never offers to get a job herself. She does, of course, busy herself with taking care of Goten and the like, but that doesn't change the fact that she's never worked a day in her life, yet yells at Goku for doing the same.


Yamcha and Bulma were an on-and-off couple for most of Dragon Ball and part of Dragon Ball Z. However, they eventually broke up for good sometime between the Frieza and Android sagas. Future Trunks states the reason for this is because Yamcha wasn't faithful to her, but this might have gone both ways. Yamcha definitely flirted with other women while still with Bulma, but Bulma did exactly the same with Vegeta.

While the two were still together, Bulma clearly showed affection towards Vegeta, especially when he hurt himself while training to go Super Saiyan. Yamcha was a much worse boyfriend than Bulma was as his girlfriend, so this flirtatious act doesn't put her in the wrong. But, when you think about it, it speaks volumes about Yamcha that Bulma fell in love with a mass murderer over him.


When she was a teenager in Dragon Ball Z, Videl was a fired-up, headstrong young woman with a burning desire to show the world just how much stronger she was than her father. She was bold and unafraid to tell someone off, often aiming her fiery outbursts at Gohan. Perhaps this is why Gohan fell for her, since we know that Saiyans love strong-willed partners. However, that fire in her seemed to die down in Dragon Ball Super.

This isn't necessarily a bad, or unrealistic change. Plenty of rowdy teenagers, both men and women, end up "settling down" in adulthood. But, the reason that Videl's "nerfing" is such a disappointing change for the character is that she would have been much more interesting as a mother if she was still fired up. Furthermore, all the other strong-willed woman got to keep their fire, so why did hers go out?

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