Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil #1

Story by
Art by
Matt Banning, Billy Tan
Colors by
Justin Ponsor
Letters by
Joe Caramagna
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Moving down Norman Osborn's list brings us to Daredevil. Osborn isn't too happy with Daredevil's new career decision. Without spoiling the career choice for you, I direct you to this issue's preview on CBR for you to decide if you want to spoil it for yourself.

Back? Good. Diggle uses this book as issue #500.5 by filling the gap between "Daredevil" #500 and "Daredevil" #501. This issue not only gives us the rationale for why Daredevil is on Osborn's list, but it also advances the storylines on the regular series -- a novel concept and one certain to anger continuity-conscious collectors, but the effectiveness cannot be ignored. This issue pits the original Bullseye against Daredevil for the bajillionth time, but makes it feel fresh and electric. Diggle sets the Kingpin's plans in motion and gives Daredevil new motivation and purpose.

Tan's art is rough and edgy, colored with intense hues and given texture by Ponsor. While Tan draws Daredevil a little more beefy than some of his artistic ancestors on this title, it works for Daredevil. Under Tan's pencil, Daredevil is the son of a boxer with interests in gymnastics.

This issue carries itself more completely than "Dark Reign: The List - Avengers" as all of the content of this issue is Daredevil related. With twenty-six pages of story, seven pages of preview from "Daredevil" #501, and three pages of sketch material, "Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil" is well-conceived and brilliantly executed, encouraging readers of the other "The List" titles to come back and read the adventures of "Daredevil" on a regular basis. Osborn earns the fury of Daredevil, and I hope we get to see that fury in action very soon.

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