10 Incredible Powers Dark Phoenix Has In The Comics

Dark Phoenix powers

While Jean Grey is the One True Dark Phoenix in Marvel Comics, she is not the only person to hold the powers of the Phoenix Force. The all-powerful entity is not even tethered to Earth as a planet. Instead, the Phoenix Force is as old as time, saving all existence and then being reborn in the Big Bang. It exists to snuff out life as it is dying and then to resurrect it in a new form.

As an entity more powerful than almost any other, the Phoenix Force is almost omnipotent. However, the form in the comics is a little more relatable since it attached itself to a familiar face, Jean Grey of the X-Men. Over time, it has attached itself to a few others but its powers while in a host remain closely similar -- which is still greater than almost any hero or villain in the Marvel Universe.

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Dark Phoenix powers
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Dark Phoenix powers

Before the Dark Phoenix attached itself to Jean Grey, she already possessed great mutant powers. In the start, Grey was only known to possess the power of telekinesis. As Marvel Girl in the original X-Men, her power was simply to move things around and lift bad guys off the ground.

She was very adept at this power. While Magneto could do similar things with metal items, Jean had no such limitations and could lift and move just about anything with her mind. When she merged with the Phoenix Force, those powers gained almost unlimited strength and Jean could move anything she wanted.


Dark Phoenix powers

While Marvel Girl was just known as a telekinetic, Jean Grey's mutant powers were much more powerful than that. Jean Grey is one of the world's most powerful telepaths. Charles Xavier blocked those powers from Jean at a young age to protect both her and the world around her, but when they were unleashed, Grey became very dangerous.

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As the Dark Phoenix, those powers had untapped potential that it took full advantage of. As the White Phoenix, her powers of telepathy were virtually limitless. Her basic powers are mind reading, broadcasting her own thoughts to someone else, and affecting the minds of others. With the powers of Dark Phoenix, her range is increased drastically.


Dark Phoenix powers

Before she ever gained the powers of the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey could fly. This was accomplished through the use of her telekinesis, which allowed her to lift herself off the ground and move through the air -- simulating flying, but actually just a manifestation of her mutant powers. That changed as Dark Phoenix.

As the Dark Phoenix, Jean was able to actually fly without using her telekinetic powers. She also possessed the power of interstellar travel. This is part of the Phoenix Force, as it was always able to travel anywhere needed to accomplish its tasks. The Dark Phoenix can fly faster than the speed of light.


Dark Phoenix powers

The Dark Phoenix is able to manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level and has the power of molecular reconstruction. Basically, this means that with the powers of the Dark Phoenix, an individual like Jean Grey can change the form and matter into anything she desires.

Jean could turn wood into gold, stone into crystal, or water into air. However, this power is also an immense offensive weapon. Jean, with the power of the Dark Phoenix, can even alter the molecular structure of a human body and cause it to disintegrate or mutate into something grotesque and inhuman. It is assumed that is what happened to Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand.


Dark Phoenix powers

While Jean Grey could use her telekinesis to create a sort of force blast, knocking someone off balance, that power was magnified with the power of the Phoenix Force. As the Dark Phoenix, Jean could use the Phoenix energy to create and project forms of energy into concussive blasts.

While Jean could knock someone over or in some cases blast them into a wall, as Dark Phoenix, it is much more devastating. Dark Phoenix can build up enough energy to create a concussive force blast powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. Powers like this are what classifies her as an Omega-Level Threat.


Dark Phoenix powers

The Phoenix Force gave Jean Grey the power to absorb, manipulate and control any form of energy. An example of this is controlling the blasts from Cyclops' eyes. She can absorb his entire blast and then use it to her whim. This is true for almost any form of energy in existence.

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She has the power to absorb mass quantities of energy and use it as well, with the biggest example being absorbing the entire energy from a single star, which can wipe out an entire galaxy. She can also absorb the energy from an entire galaxy or a black hole. She can also use her ability to manipulate energy to activate mutations in individuals.


Dark Phoenix powers

The Phoenix Force exists to do two things. It is one of the oldest cosmic entities in existence and lives to balance the forces of creation and destruction. While it is extremely devastating and violent and can destroy an entire galaxy in the blink of an eye, that is only half of its purpose.

The Phoenix Force burns away what does not work -- planets and galaxies and stars that have become stagnant and will no longer evolve -- and allows something new to grow in its place. As a result, on top of destroying life, the Dark Phoenix also possesses the power of resurrection and can bring anyone back from the dead that it wishes. This is how Jean Grey keeps returning from the grave.


Dark Phoenix powers

When one thinks of the Dark Phoenix, one usually thinks of the flaming bird. With the power of the Phoenix Force, the host possesses the power of pyrokinesis. This isn't just any fire either, as Jean Grey can create "cosmic" fire under just about any situation. For example, it is impossible to create fire underwater or in outer space, but the Dark Phoenix can summon the fire even in those locations.

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The Dark Phoenix's first needs no oxygen to survive and can burn so intensely that it consumes anything it touches without leaving even a hint of ash. As the One True Phoenix, Jean can control the cosmic fire with exact precision and that makes it a formidable weapon.


Dark Phoenix powers

The Phoenix Force seeks out the most powerful beings to act as its host -- particularly those beings who are powerfully psychic -- whether through areas of telepathy, telekinesis or empathy. Jean Grey fit all three of those abilities to a tee, and that is what makes Dark Phoenix so powerful.

Jean was already one of the most powerful telepaths in the world and Dark Phoenix has the power to strengthen and amplify every superhuman and mutant power of its host to immeasurable power levels. The Phoenix Force is the nexus of all psionic energy and with this force, Jean Grey's mental powers were unlimited.


Dark Phoenix Byrne


While Jean Grey has died many times, the Phoenix Force is immortal and always brings her back from the grave. The Phoenix Force itself, regardless of how many times it is defeated or driven back, is immortal and, as a result, can never die. Since Jean Grey is the One True Phoenix, this means that she can never completely die either and will always return.

Even when Jean Grey dies in the mortal world, her being is still alive and spends time in the White Hot Room until the Phoenix Force chooses to bring her back again. On top of this, Dark Phoenix also possesses total control over all existence, making it one of the most powerful entities to ever exist.

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