Dark Phoenix and the X-Men Rise in Marvel Strike Force

One of Marvel Comics' most popular franchises is the X-Men, and soon the mobile game Marvel Strike Force will see three mutants join its roster of playable characters.

Immediately joining existing mutants Wolverine and Storm is the psionic ninja Psylocke, with Dark Phoenix and Colossus arriving to Marvel Strike Force at a later date.

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Players adding Psylocke to their squads will be able to use her arsenal of psychic powers -- including telekinetic blasts and illusions, foresight and her deadly psionic blade -- to bring enemies to their knees. Psylocke also has the ability to turn negative effects against her enemies and pierce enemy armor.

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The Russian powerhouse Colossus has superhuman strength, stamina, durability while in his organic steel form, and is a hand-to-hand fighter. His iron body allows Colossus to stack buffs, increase ally defenses and gain death proof, providing a formidable shield for his allies.

Last but not least is Dark Phoenix, star of the upcoming Fox movie of the same name. The Phoenix host, Jean Grey, can crush enemies by utilizing a devastating combo of telepathy and telekinesis. The Phoenix Force allows her to fly at supersonic speeds, rearrange the molecular structure of matter and blast enemies with cosmic energy.

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One interesting wrinkle to the character is players will first start out as Phoenix and rise as Dark Phoenix once their health is depleted. As Dark Phoenix, S.T.R.I.K.E. agents can steal health from enemies and incinerate anything that stands against their squad.

First released in March 2018, Marvel Strike Force has players run their own Helicarrier either as part of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Hydra. While upgrading their vessel, they compete against other plays with heroes and villains they have assembled for reward points earned in competitive squad-centric battles.

The mobile game celebrated its one-year anniversary with a new game mode and characters under the title "Alliance War," and won for Best Breakthrough Game of the Year at the 2019 Google Play Awards.

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