Dark Phoenix Trailer Breakdown: Death, Betrayal & X-Men Angst

After months of silence surrounding the film, the Dark Phoenix trailer has finally arrived. It was no secret that the Phoenix Force would soon become the focus of the X-Men franchise after audiences were given a glimpse of it back in X-Men: Apocalypse (directed by Bryan Singer). The trailer gives fans much more to chew on.

The two-minute trailer sees return of the reboot cast, focusing on Sophie Turner as Jean Grey as the titular Dark Phoenix is unleashed and the X-Men struggle to fight its power. It's certainly appears to be one of the franchise's darker films, seemingly promising the demise of at least one important character, though it's careful not to reveal who.

It's definitely a lot to take in, so let's get dive into the trailer in search of what to expect from the upcoming Dark Phoenix.

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A Gifted Youngster Indeed

Dark Phoenix trailer

Throughout the trailer, we see Jean Grey as a little girl at the X-Mansion along with a younger Charles Xavier (with a full head of flowing hair) as the two presumably try to find a solution to the Phoenix, a force that other shots reveal Jean cannot control. It's easy to be reminded of X-Men: The Last Stand (directed by Brett Ratner), which also -- very briefly -- attempted to explore Jean's past and her first encounter with her future mentor.

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Speaking of which, fans might already see that this presents issues to the continuity of the franchise since the implication is that the introduction between Xavier, Magneto and Jean we saw in The Last Stand has been completely negated. This, of course, was never the case before, even after Days of Future Past (directed by Bryan Singer) attempted to rectify continuity errors through time travel.

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