Dark Phoenix Trailer Analysis: Mayhem, Destruction & An X-Man's Final Fate

While New Mutants, one of the final two X-Men films to be produced by 20th Century Fox, has seemingly been shuffled off the studio's release schedule, Dark Phoenix is getting a fresh push in front of it's upcoming summer release date.

The first trailer gave fans a good look at the film last year, with plenty of story-telling potential hinted throughout the teaser. But now, a new preview has been released, and it's filled with even more explosive revelations about Jean Grey's fate -- and perhaps at least one major X-character's death.

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The Death of a Major X-Man

The trailer opens with Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) sitting in the rain, sobbing. She asks an unseen figure why she would make her do "that," something which apparently involved the X-Men confronting Jean and things quickly getting out of hand. While other clips fill out more of the fight (like Quicksilver trying to use his super speed to), potentially the most impactful shots feature Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) approaching Jean and trying to talk her down. Jean blasts her away and out of the shot, before cutting to a look of dawning horror crossing Jean's face.

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Other shots in this (and earlier) previews showcased the X-Men suffering at least one casualty and holding a funeral, which suggests Jean will accidentally kill one of her fellow X-Men in the scuffle. Previous speculation suggests that it'll be Mystique or Quicksilver who doesn't survive the battle, but this trailer seems to make it clear it's J-Law's hero who ends up dying.

Jean Has A New Mentor

Fox has remained mum about what character Jessica Chastain is playing in the film. Some speculation has suggested that she could be the alien Empress Liandra, who played a majr role in the original Dark Phoenix Saga from the comics or even Miss Sinister, a new version of one of the more iconic and dangerous X-villains, Mister Sinister. Another theory suggests the character may even be the cinematic introduction of Xavier's twisted evil sister, Cassandra Nova.

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The trailer seems to hint closer to the latter suggestion, framing Chastain as a malicious influence on Jean Grey. Chastain lectures Jean on her potential and power, and how the world will try to destroy what they can't understand. At one point she even waves a hand, and the world around them falls apart. This wouldn't track with the abilities of Sinister or Lilandra from the earlier stories, but could easily be a psychic display from Nova while she's trying to corrupt Jean.

Get In, We're Going To Space!

The much maligned X-Men: The Last Stand, among other things, failed to do a good job of adapting the Phoenix storyline. This new take on the material seems to be closer to Chris Claremont and John Byrne's original story, using the comics canon version of the character's origin as an inspiration for the film. The trailer features the X-Men flying into space to confront a strange light over the planet.

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The trailer showcases Jean remaining in the cockpit of the ship even as it flies into the crimson light, just as she did in the comics. Jean is bombarded by the red rays, and is seen screaming as the light rushes towards her and into her body, coalescing into a birdlike shape at the end. It's obvious this is how she ends up with the cosmic powers of the Phoenix, and sets her up to become the Dark Phoenix of the title.

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