Dark Phoenix: Jean Grey Undergoes a Fiery Transformation in Motion Poster

Sophie Turner's Jean Grey transforms into the Dark Phoenix on a new motion poster for 20th Century Fox's Dark Phoenix.

The X-Men film franchise's official Twitter account released the poster, accompanied with a slight nod to the Game of Thrones series, which features Turner as Sansa Stark. The message, played along with poster, says, "The game is over, now the Phoenix will rise."

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Dark Phoenix is based on the X-Men comic storyline The Dark Phoenix Saga, by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. The storyline was previously adapted in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand, but was not well-received by fans or critics. Dark Phoenix's director, Simon Kinberg, promises a different outcome with this film, saying that this version is more faithful to the source material.

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Directed and written by Simon Kinberg, Dark Phoenix stars James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey/Phoenix, Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers/Cyclops, Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Munroe/Storm, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler, Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver and Jessica Chastain. The film arrives in theaters June 7.

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