Dark Phoenix: Final Trailer's Craziest Moments & Biggest Questions

Dark Phoenix trailer

Some fans have been on the fence about the final installment of Fox's X-Men series, and they may have every right to be. Dark Phoenix's road to release has been plagued by delays, and a lukewarm response. Even after a handful of trailers, writer/director Simon Kinberg's adaptation of the seminal Marvel Comics storyline doesn't seem to have mustered much excitement.

However, the final trailer finally offers glimpses of a story that could turn out to be pretty darned epic. From embracing the weird, cosmic aspects of X-Men comics, to giving us a true blue (or gold) X-Men team working together, this footage promises familiar hallmarks, and may even raise some expectations. Let's break it down.


Dark Phoenix trailer

The most exciting aspect of Dark Phoenix is that it looks like it might make good on the promise of the kind of classic X-Men team adventure that Apocalypse only teased.

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Sure, they're not wearing the classic late-1980s/early '90s color schemes the mutants donned at the end of the previous film, but the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely-era jumpsuits look great, and hark back to X-Men: First Class.


Dark Phoenix trailer

It's yet to be seen how closely Dark Phoenix will follow the source material, but at least we're getting some outer-space action, which is more than we can say for X-Men: The Last Stand.

The more these trailers reveal about Jean Grey's new powers, and how she obtained them, Dark Phoenix does look like it's going to be much closer to comics. Taking the X-Men into space is much more than just fan service. Now how about those Starjammers?


Dark Phoenix trailer

The past few core series films have forgotten the importance of bringing things back the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The consequences of the X-Men's exploits on the students are often seen onscreen, but their lasting impact is never really explored.

RELATED: Dark Phoenix: Xavier Falls 'Prey to His Own Ego' in the X-Men SequelThe school literally exploded in X-Men: Apocalypse, but where did the kids go while it was being rebuilt? As for this group of fresh, young faces, we wonder who might be familiar from the comics, and whether the movie will explore how they feel about Phoenix living just a few doors away.


Dark PHoenix trailer

While we may still not know who Jessica Chastain is playing, it looks as if she's taking a page from Mastermind's playbook in the comics. Dark Phoenix appears to be the first X-Men film to really dive into the visual representation of outside influence, which gives it a much more psychedelic vibe.

Who Chastain really is, and what her end game may be, remain to be seen, but the visual flare to her influence is striking.


dark phoenix trailer

Alexandra Shipp did the best with what she had to work with as Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse. Sadly, she was a victim of too many moving parts, and the filmmakers' focus on character many fans were not as invested in as the studio believed.

Seeing Shipp as Storm in action is pretty awesome, but it's quickly shown she's no match for the Phoenix Force (but then again, who is?). That this trailer is filled with so many cool moments is a bit heartening, especially if this is the last from Fox. This team is pretty solid, and Shipp is a great Storm who deserves more.

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