Dark Nights: Metal Has Retconned Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet has a new origin story, as revealed in the pages of Dark Nights: Metal.

In Metal #5, The Batman Who Laughs shoots Diana with a bullet he claims to be made out of Eighth Metal, a weaker derivative of the Nth Metal at the sore of the event's storyline. As the villain stands over her and gloats about the end of the world, he reveals that the metal in the bullets is the same material used to build Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

First appearing in 1941 during the Golden Age of comics, the invisible jet was introduced by Wonder Woman's co-creator William Moulton Marston as the hero's primary mode of transportation. It was originally said to have been built by Diana herself, but was later retconned by John Byrne to be a semi-sentient crystalline organism capable of thought and shapeshifting.


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Over the course of their story, Snyder and Capullo have revealed the presence of secret metals within many of the DC Universe's heroes and villains, as well as the devices they use. Deathstroke's new suit uses it, Dr. Fate's helmet is made of it, and, as revealed in this issue, Plastic Man got his powers from it.

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As part of this secret history of the DCU, a hierarchy of metals has also been established. With Nth Metal being the closest to the metal's pure form, the next step down would be the eighth. This version of the metal was first revealed to exist in the Dark Days prequel stories, and now seems to be exclusively linked to the Greek gods and the Amazons.


Hephaestus used this eighth iteration of the metal to create powerful weapons for the Greek gods, one of which was the Sunblade, carried by Wonder Woman herself. Now that it has been revealed that the invisible jet is similarly made out of Eighth Metal, it's worth wondering what other objects were made from it, not the least of which is the Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman's invisible jet has fallen out of use since the introduction of Post-Crisis continuity in the 1980s. With Diana now able to fly, there has been no real reason for her to use the plane on a regular basis. Could this reveal pave the way for the plane to become a prominent part of Wonder Woman lore again, or was this a simple nod to comic book history? Time, and the inevitable plot lines explored across the DC Universe in the wake of Metal's upcoming conclusion, will tell.

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