Snyder Teases Page from Dark Nights Metal Tie-In Co-Written by Morrison

As the Dark Nights: Metal event winds down, DC is still putting out one-shot tie-ins to further flesh out the world our heroes find themselves in. The Wild Hunt one-shot, co-written by comics visionary Grant Morrison, will tell the tale of the villainous Dark Knights as they attempt to hunt down a team of heroes that features Flash, Cyborg, Raven, and the famous Detective Chimp. To get fans hyped, co-writer Scott Snyder released a preview page featuring the curious primate examining musical notes. The below panel features a monkey playing the accordion, so it stands to reason that the notes take Chimp back to a time before he was taken to the Fountain of Youth and became able to speak to all living creatures.

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Previously, Chimp showed up in the third issue of Metal as a patron of Nightmaster's Oblivion Bar. When the Knights came storming in, he and several other DC heroes managed to escape in an effort to begin the first real shot at fighting back against the evil multiverse Batmen. Along with Detective Chimp, The Wild Hunt will also feature the Metal Men and their mysterious new team member.

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt releases on Feb. 14.

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