Dark Nights: Metal: Supermen Cross Dimensions in New Teaser Art

dark nights metal batman devastator

Scott Snyder today took to Twitter to tease new art for the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal #4, and it might have you seeing double (or in this case, triple). The art sees at least three Supermen holding a withered Batman aloft.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 saw Superman venture into the Dark Multiverse, so it only makes sense the sinister dimension would start messing with the Man of Steel --  you know, moreso. It certainly did as much with Batman, as the entire series has largely revolved around the doings of the Dark Knight’s monstrous doppelgangers.

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Fans of the series are no doubt wondering where these Supermen came from. After all, the third issue revealed that many of the Dark Multiverse’s Supermen met a… grisly fate. Of course, there’s the very likely possibility that these are Supermen from the regular ol’ multiverse, who have come to aid Batman and Superman in their time of need.

Dark Nights: Metal #4 will be available for purchase on Dec. 20. The issue will see the Justice League broken, forced to face their worst fears. An unlikely ally offers a glimmer of hope, though, and maybe a way for the super team to beat back the Dark Multiverse’s monsters.

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