Metal #2: The Secret Weapon Justice League Doesn't Want Batman To Use

Nobody Puts Baby Darkseid In The Corner

The reason why Batman wants Darkseid in Dark Nights: Metal stems back to Final Crisis, where Bruce Wayne was cast back in time by Darkseid’s Omega Sanction, which is where Barbatos first noticed The Caped Crusader. Armed with Hawkman’s Nth Metal mace — the only weapon to ever beat back Barbatos — Batman wants to use Darkseid’s Omega Sanction to travel back in time again and defeat Barbatos for good, even though it would be a one way trip that would erase Batman from from history.

Unfortunately, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were lured into a trap by The Strigydae, the ancient priests who worship Barbatos, and the Judas Tribe, an outcast faction of The Court of Owls who split off to follow the way of the bat. Darkseid is taken into their care, but not for too long as they successfully summon Barbatos and his Dark Nights and The Judas Tribe are instantly ripped apart by the pet Robins of The Batman Who Laughs. As the issue ends, Batman is cast out in the Dark Multiverse, Superman and Wonder Woman are defeat at the feet of the Dark Knights while a diaper-wearing Darkseid — the most powerful being in the universe — is unattended in the face of the most powerful being from the Dark Multiverse.

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It’s unlikely that Darkseid’s role in Dark Nights: Metal is over just yet, as he represents too good of an opportunity for Barbatos and his Dark Knights to pass up. There’s also the question of how this Darkseid lines up with the one in Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Clayton Cowles’ Mister Miracle. Although he hasn’t been seen yet in that title, his presence and inevitability drips from every page, and New Genesis is said to be at war with Darkseid, who had recently had Highfather killed. As a result, it’s unclear how, when or if the critically acclaimed series lines up with the rest of the DC Universe, continuity wise.

It’s possible that Dark Nights: Metal represents the bridging gap between “Darkseid War” and Mister Miracle, and at some point in the future of this story, Darkseid will return to his former glory and go toe-to-toe with Barbatos himself. After all, the only thing Darkseid wants is for the universe to be in complete subjugation under him and him alone with the Anti-Life Equation making it so that every being in the universe is essentially Darkseid. Of course, it’s unlikely that a chaotic being such as Barbatos is going to play well with the God of All Evil, especially if he stops being a literal baby anytime soon.

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