DC Collectibles Unveils Latest Dark Nights: Metal Dark Knight Statue

DC Collectibles today announced the latest addition to its Dark Nights: Metal statue line with a figure depicting one of the arc's evil Batmen, the Merciless. The figure, which comes equipped with the Merciless' all-powerful helmet and magic sword, is slated to be released in June of next year.

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The announcement, which came just as New York Comic Con is kicking into gear, arrived alongside DC Collectibles' announcement of a Batman: White Knight Joker statue, which depicts the Clown Prince of Crime before his altruistic turn.

The Merciless is a Dark Knight who hails from Earth-12. In his native dimension, this version of Bruce Wayne begrudgingly used a helmet forged by Ares to defeat the god of war. The helmet, which Ares had designed to increase his godly power a hundredfold, proved too much of a temptation for Batman, who ended up slaying Wonder Woman when she attempted to remove the artifact. The warped Batman would go on to wage a global war to prove his brutal methods were the one true way.

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The Merciless was later recruited by the demon Barbatos, who promised more bloodshed and battle for the war-hungry Batman on Prime Earth. The Merciless has a variety of supernatural powers, some afforded by the helmet and some by the items of power he has collected in his conquests, including mind control, necromancy and, of course, superhuman strength.

DARK NIGHTS: METAL Batman: the Merciless Statue

  • Designed by Greg Capullo
  • Sculpted by Neobauhaus
  • Size: 1:10 scale
  • On sale June 2019
  • MSRP $85.00
  • Available for pre-order on October 15

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