Dark Nights: Metal, Generations Lead Comic Sales Rise in August 2017


August 2017 had 6,593,275 units in the top 300 comics list, an increase of 321,945 units from last month. Marvel Comics accounted for 45.33% of the total units with 2,988,705 units in the top 300 comics and was up 247,114 units in the top 300 compared to last month. DC Comics placed 2,367,694 units in the top 300 comics which accounted for 35.91% of the total units and was up 188,247 units compared to last month. DC had the three items over 100,000 units with Dark Nights: Metal #1 and Batman #28 and #29. Marvel rounded out the rest of the top ten with issues of Secret Empire, Generations: Wolverine and All-New Wolverine, Generations: Unworthy Thor and Mighty Thor and Star Wars.

The premiere publishers accounted for 93.27% of the units in the top 300 comics this month while all of the other publishers with items in the top 300 accounted for 6.73% of the units. Most of the lift this month came from Marvel and DC offsetting the minimal losses from the other publishers. From this vantage point there doesn't seem to be a lot of swing in the numbers. Looking at the sales swing by category shows a very different picture with an up-swing of 1,781,510 unit and a down-swing 1,459,565 units netting out to the increase of 321,945 units.

I've added a new category this time around of Non-Series. This category is for items which are not part of an ongoing series. The definition I'm using is if Diamond assigns the items a Series Code or not. Typically, each new ongoing series gets a new Series Code. One-shots often don't get a Series Code.

Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting and the various True Believers: Kirby 100th one-shots which were not assigned Series Codes and therefore fall into this new Non-Series category. Annuals and specials which are connected to an ongoing series will still be in the Annuals/Specials category.

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