Dark Nights: Metal Introduces Another Hero's Dark Multiverse Analogs


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Dark Nights: Metal #5, by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plasencia, on sale now.

At five issues in, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s bat$#!% crazy ride through the Dark Multiverse is nearly complete, but that certainly doesn’t mean things are slowing down. In fact, while the insidious threat of Barbatos and his seven evil Nightmare Batmen (Dark Knights, if you will) still looms ominously on the horizon, Dark Nights: Metal hasn’t wasted a single opportunity to continue stacking the deck against our heroes by pitting them against just that: our heroes.

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As we learned in a series of one-shots, the Dark Knights are macabre iterations of Batman, each of whom is inspired by one of his nightmare scenarios. Playing off of that concept, Dark Nights: Metal #4 introduced us to a terrifying trio of sinister Supermen, who we saw attempting to restrain an aging Bruce Wayne. Now, in Metal #5, we discover DC’s Trinity is officially three-for-three in the evil pastiche department, as several wicked Wonder Women arrive from the depths of the Dark Multiverse to unleash their fury on the Amazon Princess.

After trading blows with both Lady Blackhawk and Black Adam, Diana manages to live up to her reputation as Themyscira’s fiercest warrior by emerging victorious from the skirmish, while also helping Kendra Saunders see the truth once again. However, the taste of victory swiftly loses its flavor once Diana and Kendra leap through a portal in pursuit of Barbatos and see what horrors await them on the other side.


Inside a massive pit of rubble, twisted alternate versions of both heroes and villains from the Dark Multiverse stand at the ready, and chief among them are two who bear an uncanny resemblance to Wonder Woman, but with sadistic spin. The first, sporting a violet cape and emitting powerful energy constructs from her hands, is inspired by the Star Sapphires, while the one to her left takes a cue from longtime Wonder Woman villainess Cheetah. As for the ones in the pit, they all appear rather disfigured, but it’s worth noting the one with the horns could possibly be a nod to Ares.

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In any case, not even an army led by her own doppelgangers can strike fear into the heart of Wonder Woman, as she and Kendra let out their war cry and dive valiantly into battle against the vilest beings the Dark Multiverse has to offer. It won’t be long until we learn how they ultimately fare in this endeavor, either, as the story will conclude in Dark Nights: Metal #6, which hits stands March 14.

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