METAL: Gotham Resistance Discovers the Evil Batmen's Weakness


Green Arrow #32 -- the finale of the mini “Gotham Resistance” crossover and part of the larger Dark Nights: Metal event current playing out across select DC Comics titles -- may prove to be a potentially critical moment in the battle against the forces of the Dark Multiverse. So far, the heroes of the DC Universe have played defense against Barbatos and his army of Dark Knights — twisted versions of Batman mashed up with members of the Justice League — but now, the good guys have a fighting chance thanks to the Gotham Resistance, who have discovered a way to take on and defeat the seemingly indestructible beings from beyond the Dark Multiverse.

The Danger

Following a last minute rescue by Mister Terrific at the end of the previous week’s issue of Suicide Squad, the Gotham Resistance were given somewhat of a breather. However, they still had to contend with a city overrun by nightmarishly powerful versions of Batman’s most dangerous foes, amped up to eleven and given their hearts’ desires by the deadly Batman Who Laughs. Thanks to his dark metal playing cards, he was able to give rogues like Mister Freeze, The Riddler and Poison Ivy a way to rewrite the very nature of Gotham’s laws of physics, not only enhancing themselves and their abilities, but the very way in which they interact with the very city itself.

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Unfortunately, Mister Terrific has even worse news for the Gotham Resistance: The Batman Who Laughs has abducted the members of the Suicide Squad and the Teen Titans, and strapped them in to a giant machine keyed into the vibrational frequency of the DC Universe. Every person in the world vibrates at the same frequency as the world itself, but if the Dark Knights are able to alter that individual frequency of enough people then Earth-0 (read: Earth Negative Zero) will become unstuck from the cosmic order and fall into the black depths of the Dark Multiverse.


It’s an interesting inversion of one of the most classic plot points used in DC crossover events; a throwback to the multiversal tuning fork from Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis. In the pages of Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor attempts to strip the unified Earth back into a multiverse to return home to Earth-3 and does so by strapping heroes such as Jay Garrick, Black Adam and The Ray — who all should have existed on other worlds if the multiverse was still around at the time — and using their frequencies to bring back their worlds. As the inverse of that, The Batman Who Laughs wants to use people native to Earth-0 to unlodge the world from its place on the Multiversal map; a one way trip into the Dark Multiverse.

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