Dark Nights: Metal Will Feature the Return of a Dead DC Hero

Dark Nights: Metal

WARNING: This article includes spoilers for the just-announced DC Comics event "Dark Nights: Metal."

Although Batman is at the center of "Dark Nights: Metal," the newly announced DC Comics event will also feature Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in significant early roles, as well as the return of a dearly departed superhero: Hawkman.

If it seems like the character only just died, that's because, well ... the character only just died, in the finale of the aptly named "Death of Hawkman," released March 1.

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"We've just recently killed Hawkman," DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio said in an interview with Syfy Wire, "so you're wondering, 'How is he going to be in this?' Well, that 'Death of Hawkman' actually leads very nicely into the events that take place in 'Metal,' and actually, hopefully to bigger and better things afterward."

In "Death of Hawkman" #6, by Marc Andreyko and Aaron Lopresti, Katar Hol sacrificed himself Despero, and was seemingly vaporized in the process. Although the villain was later revealed to have re-formed himself out of Nth Metal and Adam Strange was shown to be trapped in a Zeta Beam, Hawkman appeared very dead. However, the issue's final caption did read, “Not the end. Nowhere near it.” And besides, this is superhero comics, and Hawkman and reincarnation go hand in hand.

Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo, "Dark Nights: Metal" is described as the former "Batman" team's "rock 'n' roll epic." According to DiDio, the entire DC Universe is at risk in the event. "Not even just our world," he said, "but multiple worlds at risk."

"Dark Nights: Metal" debuts in August from DC Comics.

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