Scott Snyder Says Dark Nights: Metal is Rebirth's 'Strange Twin'

Dark Knights Metal

It's been hyped as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's biggest Batman story ever, but there's been no secret that Dark Nights: Metal will feature more than just the Caped Crusader. In most every piece of promotional art for the incoming DC Comics event, we've seen not only Batman, but Wonder Woman, Superman -- the entire Justice League, actually. And, according to Snyder, that's pretty much what to expect when the event arrives in full force this August.

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"Batman is the one that picks up the mystery that begins the thing, in a way, through Nth Metal. And he is a big character in it, 100 percent. He plays a lot of lead guitar. That said, it really is a Justice League story, completely, as you will see," Snyder told CBR in a recent interview. "It is something that is much more in the spirit of other big DC events, than anything we did on Batman — I think you’ll see from page one, when you see them in their battle armor, in a crazy gladiator death pit, rocking out. Batman has some great one-liners, and is a big part of it, but Superman has a huge role. Wonder Woman has one of my absolute favorite roles in the whole things. All three Green Lanterns right now. And characters you wouldn’t expect, too."

But even more than that, Dark Nights: Metal is designed to be an integral part of the DC Universe's currently ongoing line-wide subplot: Rebirth. In fact, Snyder referred to his and Capullo's storyline as "almost like the strange twin to Rebirth," adding that "it was certainly done in coordination" with the massive event, though the topic of the Watchmen was conspicuous in its absence.


"It’s a big tour of the DCU — things I think are core to even the origin story of the DCU itself, to things that are really, really new," Snyder explained. "It ties into things in Tom [King]’s run, it ties into things in James [Tynion]'s stuff, it ties into things in Green Lanterns right now, and in Pete [Tomasi]’s Superman, and into the material with 'The Button;' it works in coordination with that, too.

"There are beats in 'The Button' that will be referenced, and there are things coming in this story that I think also look back at some of the stuff [there]," Snyder added. "They’re about different things in the DCU, but are parts of the same universe. They make sense happening together. We worked hard to both give each other enough room, and also to make sure we didn’t feel isolated from one another, and the stories were all part of a big plan... [T]here is an uber-plan for us right now, between what we did with Rebirth, what we’re doing with Metal, the stuff coming after that I can’t talk about — you’ll hear very soon about stuff coming soon after. There really is a big plan for over the next two years. You can say, 'I see it from here, now I can play within these structures.' Geoff [Johns] has been great about that. He had me out for a weekend, and he was just like, 'Let’s put everything up on a whiteboard, and we’ll talk story.'"

Dark Nights: Metal debuts in August from DC Comics.

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