Dark Nights Metal: New Covers by Kubert and Romita Jr.

Ahead of the release of DC Comics' summer blockbuster Dark Nights: Metal, the publisher has announced that issue #2 will ship with three variant covers. Artists Andy Kubert, John Romita, Jr., and Jim Lee will each contribute a variant cover of their own.

We have already seen the pencils of Lee's variant, which shows the debut of Batman's new bat-jet ski; now, DC has provided our first look at Romita Jr.'s and Kubert's covers.

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The cover by Romita Jr. shows Batman and Wonder Woman alongside a monstrous version of Swamp Thing. It remains to be seen what role Alec Holland will play in the series.

The cover created by Andy Kubert shows Batman amongst Egyptian statues with what appears to be a Court of Owls mask on. Could the Court make an appearance in the hotly-anticipated event series?

The solicitation for the issue reveals that Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman will be pretty tied-up in the installment:

As Superman and Wonder Woman hunt for a missing ally, Batman investigates a mystery spanning centuries. When the World’s Greatest Detective discovers a foe even greater than the Justice League could possibly imagine, will Earth’s heroes be ready?

Dark Nights: Metal #1 is due out August 16. Issue #2 is written by Scott Snyder, with art and a main cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion & FCO Plascencia; it's set to release in September.

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