Dark Nights: Metal's Red Death Just Debuted His Utterly Insane Batmobile


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #32, the latest chapter of Dark Nights: Metal's "Bats Out Of Hell" storyline, by Robert Venditti and Liam Sharp.

If you thought The Batman Who Laughs' bizarre Batmobile was impressive, you ain't seen nothin' yet! The Red Death's Flashmobile gives the Dark Multiverse's Joker/Batman hybrid's ride a serious run for its money.

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Introduced in Justice League #32, the latest chapter in "Bats Out Of Hell," DC Comics' current Justice League/Dark Knight: Metal crossover arc, Batman: The Red Death's Dark Multiverse vehicle of choice is more than just a stylish way for the evil Bruce Wayne to ride around the streets of Gotham City. As he explains to Earth 0's Barry Allen, not only does he have experience killing Flashes, he's figured out how to tap into the Speed Force to fuel his diabolical, twisted Batmobile.

Batman: The Red Death's Flashmobile, as rendered by Liam Sharp and colorist Adam Brown.

What's more, the Red Death has applied his extra-dimensional technology to more than a single machine. When Barry taunts that he can outrun even a Speed Force-fueled Batmobile, the Red Death responds by unleashing a fleet of similarly equipped vehicles on the crimson-clad Justice Leaguer. Whether he's controlling them himself, or if they're being piloted by his Earth's versions of Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, etc. remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: He's determined to notch another speedster's death on his belt.

Batman: The Red Death's other vehicles, as rendered by Liam Sharp and colorist Adam Brown

"If there is one thing that I get a little bit freaked out about, it's drawing cars," artist Liam Sharp told CBR of how he approached designing the Red Death's Flashmobile. "It was the one thing that I couldn't draw as a kid. But when I got the brief about what this car was going to look like, I got excited. I really enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road and that kind of feel. As a kid, I was also pretty into custom cars, so it wasn't like just drawing a normal car. It was totally different. I couldn't wait to start and I had a blast and I think it shows. It was a lot of fun."

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"I love [the Red Death's] mask, and I tried to echo it in the grill of the car," Sharp continued. "I was hoping that you could see a DNA thread through the design. The Wonder Woman one, The Merciless, is fun, too, because he is literally a knight. I wanted to actually go more barbarian with him, but [DC Editorial] asked me not to mess around too much with the design!"

Justice League #32, the latest chapter of "Bats Out Of Hell," is in stores now.

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