Dark Nights: Metal Has A Big Impact On the Second Half of Tom King's Batman Run

Batman in Dark Nights Metal

DC's Tom King is just over halfway through his 103-issue run on Batman, with the biggest recent development being the failed wedding between the Dark Knight at Catwoman. With fifty issues still left to go, however, Batman is still far from being out of the woods.

Series writer Tom King has now confirmed that Scott Snyder's massive Dark Nights: Metal series would have a major impact on his own Batman book going forward.

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On Twitter, a fan asked King where exactly Metal, No Justice and Justice League fit into the timeline of his Batman comic. King responded, "In my mind, unofficially, I put them between 49 and 50. [Scott Snyder's] epic Metal in particular has a huge role to play in Batman going forward."

Given the fact that Dark Nights: Metal not only did a lot with the Batman mythos, but also essentially opened the multiverse floodgate, it only makes sense that its story would leak into other Batman comics, especially one as prominent as King's. However, exactly what kind of effect Metal will have of King's Batman remains to be seen.

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It has previously been confirmed that Metal's big villain, The Batman Who Laughs, will return at some point, but for now, readers will have to wait and see if he will make his big return in King's Batman or in another book.

Written by Tom King and illustrated by Matt Wagner, Batman #54 (the next issue in King's run) hits shelves on Sept. 5.

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