Dark Nights: Metal #5 Features Multiple Joker Dragons

dark nights: metal #6

Writer Scott Snyder has shared a sneak peek at DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal #5, showing the existence of not one, but two Joker dragons.

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Snyder has previously mentioned the existence of a Joker dragon, and the cover of Issue 6 depicts Batman riding one into battle. This teaser establishes there will be more than one of them in existence as we head into the final battle between the heroes and Barbatos.

Also of interest here is that the villain is perched atop the cosmic tuning fork that Batman left beneath Superman's Fortress of Solitude. With the Batman Who Laughs (and his band of demonic Robins) hanging around, it appears this could be the site of the final stand against the forces of the Dark Multiverse.

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The Justice League faces the final extinguishing of our world, invaded on all sides by unimaginable nightmares, fueled on to the edge of oblivion only by the belief that there must be a light in the endless darkness—somewhere. But…what if there’s not?

Written by Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, Dark Nights: Metal #5 goes on sale Jan. 31 from DC Comics.

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