Dark: Jonas Searches For The Beginning in Season 2 Teaser

Netflix has released a new teaser for Season 2 of its hit German time-travel drama, Dark, premiering June 21.

The clip clocks in at just over 40 seconds and focuses on series protagonist Jonas (Louis Hofmann), with snapshots of his journey at different periods in time. Last season delved into Jonas uncovering a shocking mystery in his German town, Winden, which is tied to a nuclear power plant accident in the '80s, and a resulting temporal gateway.

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This led to Jonas traveling through time, thanks to the machinations of a mysterious hooded stranger after the youngster discovered a couple of paradoxes in 2019 and 1986 he needed to let happen, in order for his very existence to occur. Now we see Jonas in the dystopian future of 2052 -- right where last season ended -- as he tries to figure out how to go back to the very beginning and stop the nuclear disaster from opening up the wormhole in the first place.

While the short video deals mainly with the young hero, we can also spot Noah (Mark Waschke), a priest with ties to the occult, who's also been using science to throw off Jonas' ambitions. Noah's aim is to reshape the world, and from what we see here, he'll finally come head-to-head with the altruistic time-traveler and reveal the full purpose of the seedy town.

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Created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, Dark stars Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn and Jördis Triebel. Season 2 will premiere on Netflix June 21.

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