Dark Multiverse: Darkseid's Anti-Life Mission Takes Its Most Sinister Turn Yet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1, from Tim Seeley, Kyle Hotz, Dexter Vines, Walden Wong, Danny Miki, David Baron, Allen Passalaqua and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Darkseid is widely considered one of the best villains, not just in the DC pantheon, but in comics in general. The Lord of Apokolips has tussled with the best of them, even killing Batman at one point during Final Crisis, and he's often pushed Superman and the Justice League's heaviest hitters to the limit.

Now, in Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night, Darkseid makes a surprise appearance in an event he didn't play a role in, and it's one that sees his quest for the Anti-Life Equation take its most sinister turn ever. The end result is the tyrant's most powerful form -- the ultimate destroyer he's always dreamt of being.

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This one-shot finds Sinestro in an alternate reality as the White Lantern trying to undo his failures during Blackest Night. The Black Lanterns are running rampant, overtaking reality for Nekron, the embodiment of Death, leaving Sinestro struggling for allies. Luckily, he meets up Mister Miracle (Scott Free), Lobo and Dove, which leads to a plan focusing on releasing the Creation Wave.

Using his Mother Box, Scott can harness the power of the Source Wall i.e. the energy of all life and channel it through a being of pure light, aka Dove. He's created a special vest for her to wear and from it, she can then send this Creation Wave throughout the universe, freeing the Black Lanterns and returning them to life. After all, Big Barda and the Furies are agents of the undead, so Scott simply wants the love of his life back. But when they do commence the project at the Wall, the mission is thrown off when Darkseid arrives, made even more complicated by him now being the avatar for Nekron.

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The strongest Darkseid has been was when he harnessed the full power of the Anti-Life Equation, enslaving reality by robbing people of free will, but here, as the Lord of Death, he's the very definition of Anti-Life. Nekron chose the Apokoliptian warlord for a reason, and with this upgrade, Darkseid is way beyond Omega Beams; he's commanding all the Black Lanterns, including Soranik Natu (Sinestro's Yellow Lantern daughter), Atrocitus, Larfleeze, and last but not least, Hal Jordan, among the many. Darkseid, after his usual monologue, uses his Death Beams to blast Lobo to blood droplets, proving to be every bit the equal to the Life Entity Sinestro's harnessing.

Even when Lobo reforms and digs Darkseid's eyes out, the new New God just won't seem to die. He's Death incarnate and with his Lanterns ready to kill, all Sinestro can do is try to hold them off with Lobo and Scott until Dove unleashes her Wave. The villain has retained one major aspect of his personality, though, and that turns the tide big time. This is, of course, his forked tongue which he uses to convince Scott to betray his comrades. It's the only way he'll ever have a shot at possibly getting Barda back to the land of the living, as the Wave will reduce her corpse to ash and not revive her as initially planned.

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This spur of the moment plan just goes to show how conniving Darkseid is, especially as it turns out to be true. Ultimately, despite Dove being taken out of play, Sinestro uses Lobo as the conduit for the Wave to breathe life into this dead universe, and in the process, he proves he's the greatest Lantern ever by also using his full power to incinerate Darkseid/Nekron for good. It takes a lot out of him but Sinestro succeeds in bringing down the strongest iteration of Darkseid, willing to upset the balance between life and death because he, just like us, knows no matter what, a universe without Darkseid is always better off. Or, so we assume in this pocket of the DC Multiverse where there just aren't any happy endings in sight.

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