Dark Knight, Watchmen, Justice League: September 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Readers Carl Brown and Steve Muller wrote in to point out sad news from the set of the Bat-sequel: A crew member involved in the filming of the new Batman movie has died in a car accident on the set. Apparently, Monday afternoon a special effects technician was killed when his 4x4 vehicle crashed into a tree during a dummy film run involving the Batmobile. This all happened near Chertsey, Surrey, if you're familiar with English topography.


CBR News has the scoop on director Zack Snyder's video greeting after finishing his first week of principal photography.


UGO's Movie Blog claims to have some sizable spoilers about the storyline for the big team-up film.


The network's video hub is showing off the promo for season seven, now just a day away, while Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers on the November 15th episode, "Blue," and more of an interview with actress Laura Vandervoort is available at Entertainment News International.


It's not all DC news today -- CBR's own Rich Johnston has a bit to say about adaptation hopes for the Max Allan Collins/Terry Beatty property.


More news from CBR -- brace yourselves for a big marketing push promoting the new animated series.


Finally, there's some mild spoilers in a scooper report on filming for the Edward Norton-fueled Marvel movie.


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