'Dark Knight' Tumbler puts other remote-control cars to shame

It's understandable if your enthusiasm for Dark Knight trilogy merchandise has waned in the more than two years since the release of the final film, but that will undoubtedly change with this: Soap Studio's remote-control Tumbler.

Unveiled last month at Toy Soul 2014, this isn't just any remote-control car. Oh, no. The 1/12th-scale Tumbler is controlled through an iOS or Android app, which will also allow you to open and close the cockpit doors, kick in the turbo boost, adjust the spoiler, LED lights and sound effects, and record with a camera in standard and night-vision modes.

There's also a 6-inch Batman figure with 36 points of articulation (and weapons, capes and interchangeable hands) that can ride inside the Tumbler.

It's available for purchase now from Soap Studio, but it's going to cost you (naturally): roughly $642 for the Deluxe Set, which comes with the base you see in these photos, or $513 for the Driver edition, which comes without the base or the Batman figure.

(via Toybox, The Fwoosh)

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