'Dark Knight Strikes Again #1' best selling comic of last 5 years, top seller of 2001

Official Press Release

The most-anticipated comics sequel of all time, THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN, written and drawn by legendary and critically acclaimed comics creator Frank Miller with color artist Lynn Varley already has shattered sales records for the comic book industry, according to DC Comics Executive Vice President & Publisher Paul Levitz.

Due to unprecedented and fervid fan expectation, the first issue of the 3-issue miniseries already is the best-selling comic book of 2001 in both dollars and units as well as the bestseller of the last five years according to information provided by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN is the sequel to the 1986 groundbreaking BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which has over a million copies in print and changed forever the way people perceive the comic-book medium.

"Batman and Superman remain enduring American myths. But many folks don't realize how rich DC's pantheon of heroes is. These characters have a magic to them, and speak to fantasies shared by young and old," said Miller. "Anybody who knows me would tell you I can't stop talking about it. It's an absolute joy to bring fresh eyes and long-held affection to these guys and gals in tights. This is a big, fat complex story; an often scary look at what kind of world could need these sorts of heroes, and what could be done to them and what they do - once the gloves are off. And brother, the gloves are off."

"It's rare that any storyteller can keep his audience on the edge of their chairs for fifteen years, but Frank's pulled it off," said Levitz. "THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN is worth the wait. Frank's talent and craft have grown, and we're blown away by what his Batman looks like now."

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