Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man: March 28th Comic Reel


Although it's been heavily implied, even assumed in some circles, that Liam Neeson will be reprising his role as Ra's Al Ghul in Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Rises," we finally have confirmation. According the production notes for "Wrath of the Titans," in which Neeson also stars, the actor was definitely in "Dark Knight Rises" -- and although the notes do not specify Ra's Al Ghul by name, it's probably safe to assume Neeson is reprising the role.

According to Variety news editor Stuart Oldham's Twitter account, the approximate running time for "Dark Knight Rises" is "just over 2 hours." The rumor is so far unconfirmed.

Opens July 20


While speaking with Showbiz Nest, Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige spoke to linking all the Marvel films into one universe in anticipation for Earth's Mightiest Movie.

"We had to have a lot of confidence in the direction we were heading, but two of the four characters had not been introduced to audiences yet and it was a bit of a leap of faith," Feige told Showbiz Nest. "A big part of the puzzle was introducing both 'Thor' and 'Captain America' in self-contained origin stories with very distinctive beginnings and endings that segued nicely into the storyline for 'The Avengers.'"

Stan Lee also weighed in during the interview, noting the unique take the film has on superheroes.

"Sometimes people make the mistake of just concentrating on the super power while the real person beneath the costume gets ignored," said Lee. "That's when those particular stories don't do as well. Every character in 'The Avengers,' is flawed in some way and has a dynamic, interesting, personal story in addition to them saving the world."

If you're a fan of the Black Widow, Comic Book Movie has posted two new photos of Scarlet Johansson as the femme fatale.

Finally, a new international poster for "The Avengers" has hit the web, courtesy of Prosieben.at.

Directed by Joss Whedon and starring everybody. Opens May 4


In an interview with NBC Chicago, "Amazing Spider-Man" director Marc Webb and star Emma Stone spoke to their experience bringing the wall-crawler back to the silver screen.

"I like that Peter Parker has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder," Webb said of Spider-Man. "In 'The Amazing Spider-Man #8' there's this moment where Flash (Thompson) and Peter are sort of going at each other. They're at a boxing match and you sort of hear what Peter is saying and he's a little surly and I like that, but there's this attitude, this sort of punk rock humor and trickster quality that I think probably comes from somebody who is a little distrustful of the world at times. In order for someone like that to become a hero, I think it's a really interesting story and that was something fun. It was really fun to explore, and then of course there's the Gwen Stacy saga, The Lizard. But I think what we tried to do was find something very emotionally grounded and that felt very real. That's a challenge when there's big lizards and soaring through the air, but that's what was really fun about it."

"I think that Gwen has been in control her whole life," Stone said of her character. "She's the oldest daughter of a police chief, who is constantly terrified that her father is going to die everyday. She has to have an element of being smart because she has to be. She's a valedictorian because she has to be. She has to take care of things and be responsible for her family and I think that being able to let go and trust somebody who puts themselves in the face of death of everyday, too, that's like, great, now she's drawn to another person that could die at any moment and she has to keep his secret and pick and choose between her first love which is her father, of course, like every girl. That's the first man in your life and then her first boyfriend. So, it's a pretty complex situation for Gwen, and there's a lot of, I think, sadness and fear in her life combined with the fact that she's outwardly confident and strong and smart and takes no bulls***. She's soft and 17 underneath it all. There's a great source of drama, and Gwen is at the center of this in a lot of ways - there's competing ideas of what's good. These people, everybody's heart is in the right place, but they execute their plans in different ways and that goes for The Lizard and Curt Connors as well. Gwen in particular is stuck between [her father] the Captain and Peter Parker and Spider-Man who have different ways about going about finding justice in their lives. I think that's a really fun thing to explore in the movie."

Opens July 3


Deadline reports Kamala Films has picked up the firghts to the "Lone Wolf and Cub" manga series by Kazuo Koike. "Unforgiven" scribes David and Janet Peoples will pen the script with "Fast Five" director Justin Lin attached to direct.


TotalFilm spoke with Ridley Scott about "Prometheus" and how it takes advantage of 3D.

"I'm actually decided right now how deep to make it on certain sequences," Scott told TotalFilm. "So you can literally, as it were, twiddle a knob, and the depth will increase. It's kind of bizarre, but there it is. Technologically it's absolutely staggering. I was working with MPC in London, looking after almost 1,300 big FX shots, and every night they would pipe through shots to a big screen in my office in Lexington Street; I would sit there watching a sequence that had just been graded or refined in perfect 3D. Really amazing."

Opens June 8


According to actress Jacqueline M. Wood's Twitter, she'll be playing the character of Sarah Lance in the CW's upcoming Green Arrow drama. Sarah Lance is the sister of Dinah "Laurel" Lance on the show and will mostly be involved in flashbacks before the accident that left Oliver Queen stranded on an island.


A teaser for the "Total Recall" trailer has hit in anticipation of the full-length trailer to air this Sunday.


LEGO versions of things are always more fun -- at least, that's the track YouTube user ParanickFilmz has taken in an almost shot-for-shot recreation of "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer in LEGO. Check it out!

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