Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Hulk: July 20th Comic Reel


Tragically, a shooting took place during a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and wounding 50. Ten people died on scene and two have already passed away in hospitals. Reports say the 24-year-old shooter opened fire on a crowded screening at Century 16 Movie Theaters after throwing two gas canisters onto the floor. Even after shots were fired, there was some confusion as to whether an assault was actually occurring, as many audience members thought the noises were part of the film. Both President Obama and Warner Bros. have released statements expressing their shock and extending sympathy to the victims and their families.

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Comic Book Movie has posted two bootlegged trailers from Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" -- one narrated by Jor-El and the other narrated by Jonathan Kent.

Opens June 14, 2013


Guillermo Del Toro spoke with MTV at CCI 2012 about current developments on the "Hulk" television show.

"I have had a couple of minutes with Marvel since 'Avengers,' and they have the screenplay," Del Toro told MTV. "We're waiting for a particular writer to do a rewrite on the pilot. That's where we are right now. But we're still on."

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Sony Pictures has released a new "Action" vignette featuring the stars of the "Total Recall" remake in combat behind-the-scenes.

Opens August 3


Relativity Media has put out a press release (recapped by Comic Book Movie revealing the studio has landed "Sahara" director Breck Eisner for the film.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to create a world that is both fresh and exhilarating," Eisner said via press release. "What really excites me is the chance to build a hero from the ground up."

According to the release, "Stretch Armstrong" will introduce the character of Lucas Armstrong and "the life-or-death consequences he will face after undergoing a transformation granting him superhuman abilities."

Opens April 11, 2014


Although negotiations broke down with Jessica Biel to have her portray Viper, Fox has now entered negotiations with Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova to fill the part. Khodchenkova is best known in the west for her role in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."

Opens July 26, 2013


Not really a film, but Marvel has posted a new video preview of its "Phase One" box set. You've got to love that tesseract.

Releases September 25


TopGear.com has posted a new video featurette about James Bond's newest car, the Aston Martin DB5, in the upcoming "Skyfall."

Opens November 9


Spinoff Online has posted a full report from CCI 2012 on Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" panel with a description of new footage and comments from the cast.

"The music tracks that you'll hear are just temp tracks -- Howard Shore hasn't started to record his music for this yet," Jackson told the assembled crowd. "I think he starts recording with the London Philharmonic in about five or six weeks. Most of the effects shots aren't finished. And also, even though at the end the title comes up 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,' there's a bunch of clips and shots in here from the whole story. It's not just the first movie -- just for Comic-Con!"

Opens December 14

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