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Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3, The Walking Dead: July 27th Comic Reel

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Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3, The Walking Dead: July 27th Comic Reel


Designer Eddie Yang has posted photos and a video detailing the design of Catwoman’s mask/goggles from “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Comic Book Movie revealed a deleted scene from “The Dark Knight Rises” original script between Lucius Fox and Miranda Tate, tweeted by @antovolk. Check out the screencap below.

MTV spoke with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about the possibility of a follow-up to “The Dark Knight Rises,” which the actor was pretty skeptical about.

“That’s not for me to say,” Gordon-Levitt told MTV. “I think if you see the movie, it’s very clear, it’s conclusive and it’s a great ending. It’s not one of those movies that’s just like, ‘Well, we didn’t quite know how to end it.’ ‘Cause those happen. They call it a trilogy, but it’s not really a trilogy. It’s just another movie to make more money. This is a trilogy, and this is the end of it.”

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Now in theaters


Comic Book Movie has a transcript of an interview in this month’s SFX Magazine with Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, who teased a bit about Shane Black’s upcoming “Iron Man 3” film.

“It’s going to have some amazing surprises,” Quesada told SFX. “I don’t think people have any idea what it’s going to be like but it’s a wonderful take on what the third Iron Man movie should be. We have a really unique perspective on it and we’re pretty happy with how it’s shaping up. [Robert Downey Jr.] has really taken the character to some new and interesting places.”

Opens May 3, 2013


MTV spoke with Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan about their roles as Glenn and Maggie, respectively, and what’s in store for their characters in season three of “The Walking Dead.”

“She’s a strong character. When we first see Maggie [in season two], she’s swinging a baseball bat from a horse,” Cohan told MTV. “We know that girl exists and she hasn’t had to necessarily show these colors yet. You can’t sit around anymore. She gets to step up with the boys, trying to pave the way to safety.”

“For [Glenn], protection and maintaining who he loves is the greatest thing. What’s great about season three is you start seeing a symbiotic relationship not just amongst Maggie and Glenn, but amongst the group,” Yeun said. “The key is survival. Survival brings people together, because you need people to survive. What’s great about Maggie and Glenn’s situation is, it’s kind of a pairing. It’s a very solid pairing of two that can carry out one thing very effectively.”

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Shock ‘Til You Drop has an interview with Robert Kirkman from this year’s Saturn Awards, where “The Walking Dead” creator spoke about his excitement seeing Danai Gurira portray Michonne.

“I can say that I’m completely in denial when I see Danai [Gurira] walk out on set and jump off the page,” Kirkman told Shock ‘Til You Drop. “As badass as she is in the comics, seeing her move and seeing her kill the zombies in motion is so much more intense that you can believe. Fans of the comics are going to love it. She’s great.”

Season three premieres this fall


So — Lady Gaga’s joining the cast of “Machette Kills” as La Chameleon. Check out this poster from NextMovie.

Opens 2013


411Mania spoke with the cast of “Dredd,” including star Karl Urban, who spoke about the ability of the film to stand alone.

“I just want to say if this film is a one-off cult classic, then I’m cool with that because I’m really proud of the film,” Urban told 411. “And we showed it the other night and the audience loved it. And to me that’s like, I’m happy. I’m good. If we don’t end making more of these, than I’m cool with that because it’s all good on my end. If we’re fortunate enough if it blows up at the box office, then absolutely I would definitely love to come back and reprise the role and make more of these. I just think there’s so much fertile ground to explore within the character and within the world. And I would love to see the continuing story and the evolution of these characters and the relationship between Anderson and Dredd. And it would be interesting to find out more about the world, more about Dredd. It would be really cool to see the Dark Judges. There’s so much. And it would be great to — we’ve seen one aspect, one sector of Mega-City One. It would be great to see other aspects.”

Opens September 21


Ron Howard, via Twitter, revealed the title page of the first script for the new “Arrested Development” series. Not much is there to gawk at (other than Howard’s iPad), but the first episode is called “Michael” and, according to Howard, is “very, very funny. Lots of lines for the narrator, too!”


Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis visited “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” earlier this week and it turned into a face off between Stewart, Ferrell, Galifianakis and Jon Hamm.

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