Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3, American Jesus: October 28th Comic Reel


And so it's finally happening. The Batman is going to Jersey. Superhero Hype reports the production will be setting up in Newark's city hall next week. Meanwhile, On Location Vacations reports the production will be hitting New York's financial district. "There are expected to be more than 1000 extras used in the scene which will be set in a Gotham that has been taken over by Bane. After months of chaos the cops return and the 'good guys' battle it out with the 'bad guys' for the streets of Gotham. Tom Hardy and Christian Bale are both expected to be there in full costumes as Bane and Batman." Have you noticed that since getting to New York, the steady stream of set videos and photos has slowed its pace? I wonder if all the key material is being shot now.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


And while we're on the topic of locations, the next "Iron Man" flick is abandoning Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "The third installment of Marvel Studios' 'Iron Man' franchise is setting up shop in North Carolina. EUE/Screen Gems and North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue announced in a press conference Thursday that the studios' Wilmington outpost will host the bulk of the film's production," they write.

Release Date: May 3rd, 2013


In an interview with The Scottish Sun (via Comic Book Movie), Mark Millar mentioned the first film to be produced under his new Millarworld Production banner will be an adaptation of his Image comic which tells the story of a modern day Jesus. "He only discovers he's Christ when he talks to his mum after the accident and she says 'I have something to tell you - you are the son of God' as she had got pregnant Virgin Mary-style," says Millar. "The first part of the movie starts in America, but he disappears to Scotland in the hope his enemies won't find him before battling the anti-Christ, Armageddon, the whole bit. As a practising Catholic I will treat it reverentially." He hopes the production will become the sort of boon for Scotland that "The Lord of the Rings" was for New Zealand. I'll say one thing for Millar: he's ambitious.

Release date: TBA


Directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor talk with MTV News about their concept of Blackout:

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Release date: February 17th, 2012


The New York Times points out that the crystal meth spotted in a recent episode has the distinctive blue color of the product cooked up by the characters on AMC's "Breaking Bad." Creator Robert Kirkman says the meth was included as a "little Easter egg we were doing for AMC fans." That's cool, but just keep Rover from the channel's remake of "The Prisoner" away from Georgia, okay?

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