Dark Knight Rises Batsuit, Batpod Net Record-Setting Auction Bids

Over 400 private collectors from 27 different countries took part in a pop culture-themed auction organized by UK memorabilia company The Prop Store, which brought in close to $2 Million. Among the items that brought in the biggest bids were the Batsuit and Batpod Christian Bale used in “Dark Knight Rises,” which sold for $250,000 and $400,00 respectively. Bane’s suit, used by Tom Hardy in the film, fetched $125,000.

The Batsuit was expected to sell for $78,000 and the Batpod for $105,000, so the auction was a startling success. “We managed to get some world-record prices there, which is very exciting for us,” Stephen Lane, chief executive officer of the Prop Store, told Bloomberg.

Alas, he added that the costumes rarely get worn by the collectors, explaining “they really end up in glass display cases.”

More than 500 costumes, props and other pieces from cinematic history were part of the event. Among the memorabilia fetching the highest prices at the auction were A TIE-Fighter Helmet from “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope” ($273,000), a clapperboard from “Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back” ($43,000), and another clapperboard from the original “Jaws” movie ($110,000).

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