Dark Knight Rises, Arrow, Transformers 4: February 14th Comic Reel


Total Film spoke with "Dark Knight Rises" producer Emma Thomas, who described Bane and Catwoman's role in the upcoming Christopher Nolan film.

"Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are both such fiercely committed actors that pitching them as adversaries works incredibly well - they have such a great chemistry on camera," Thomas told Total Film, further describing Anne Hathaway's Catwoman as "completely new." "It's a really interesting role. You never quite know where you are with her."

Meanwhile, "Dark Knight Rises" concept artist Tully Summers spoke with Cineweb Radio about his work on the film, describing it as "a war film."

"Films like Batman are meticulously planned. Every shot is storyboarded, framed, lighted and choreographed to camera," Summers told Cineweb Radio. "Any photos taken that are not from the intended camera are out of context. In a sense it's like judging Sesame Street or the Muppets from a set photo: 'That's ridiculous! There's a whole guy hanging out that character!' Christopher Nolan is a consummate filmmaker. Consider his body of work and his first 2 Batman movies. I don't think fans will be disappointed."

Opens July 20


It looks like the saga of the Autobots and the Decepticons didn't end with "Dark of the Moon" -- or did it? While speaking with MTV at Toy Fair 2012, "Transformers" producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura mentioned director Michael Bay would be back for a fourth "Transformers" film to reboot the franchise.

"Michael's going to direct and it's going to be in the Summer of 2014," said Di Bonaventura. "He's excited and I think the challenge there is we really are going to do a reboot there and what that's going to be we don't even know yet."

The film doesn't yet have a story, but Di Bonaventura called the upcoming film "an evolution" and not, strictly speaking, a reboot.

"There's still continuity going on, yet there'll be a lot of new cast. ... It's going to be a whole new story. The characters that will certainly come along will be Optimus and Bumblebee, I'm sure."

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Spinoff Online further reports Michael Bay has commented on the project via his website, saying "Steven Spielberg and I are working on a whole new reimagining of Transformers, the fourth installment. We have been working on the idea for a few months. I'm excited about where it's headed."

Releases Summer 2014


According to Robert Kirkman, fans shouldn't write off Shane from the show just because of actor Jon Bernthal's casting in "L.A. Noir." Spinoff Online reports both Kirkman being especially evasive about Shane's future on "The Walking Dead."

"Last year Lenny James was on 'The Walking Dead,' 'Human Target' and 'Hung' as well as doing a show in the U.K. for the BBC," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's not unusual these days for people to be on multiple shows at the same time. The way shooting schedules work for cable, it really does open doors for that. The Walking Dead stopped shooting in early November and doesn't resume until almost summer, so there's a huge gap in there for people to do other projects. I wouldn't let any casting rumors make you think that it's spoiled any show, especially this one. In the case of Jon Bernthal, who's to say he survives that first pilot? Maybe he dies in the first episode."

Currently airs Sundays on AMC.


Director Jon Chiu spoke with MovieFone about the upcoming "G.I. Joe" sequel and getting around Joseph Gordon-Levitt not reprising his role as Cobra Commander.

"We figured out a way [around it] that's pretty nice," the director told MovieFone. "And you get the Cobra Commander that you've always wanted. Or, to me, what I always wanted: a bad-ass villain. He's one of the most iconic villains ever. I'm even following him on Twitter -- he's so funny."

Opens June 29


Director Steven Spielberg spoke to Total Film, teasing the direction and basis for the upcoming sequel.

"Peter [Jackson]'s doing it. I wanted to do it, but Peter has to because we made a deal," Spielberg told Total Film. "I said, 'I'll direct the first one, you direct the second one.' And Peter, of course, is going to do it right after he finishes photography on The Hobbit. He'll go right into the 31, 21 days of performance capture. We're not telling the world what books we're basing the second movie on yet."

The director also hinted at a possible basis for the film in "The Calculus Affair."

"It could be that. I like 'The Calculus Affair.' So it could be. We have completed a story outline now. We have a writer on it. I'm just not declaring what it is. It will be more than one book, but no more than two."


Disney UK's YouTube Channel has posted a one and a half minute featurette interviewing the cast and crew of the film with some fantastic new footage.

Opens March 9


Blogger Travis Yanan got his hands on Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg's pilot script for the CW's "Arrow," giving it a quick review with major plot spoilers for the reimagining of Green Arrow's origin while criticizing the series' main villain, Adam Hunt.

"Adam Hunt is a terrible villain," Yanan said in his review. "Not terrible like terrifying. Terrible like... pathetic. We're made aware of him through Laurel's legal story, a class action against him for fraud and predatory lending. It isn't going her way because, from the get-go, we're told what he did was deplorable but technically legal."

By the end, Yanan's review was generally favorable, saying, "I think it works emotionally, even if it's not breaking any new ground."


Although "Spirit of Vengeance" hasn't yet been released in theaters, directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are already in talks for a follow-up. According to an interview with The Playlist, the duo confirmed there have been talks about another "Ghost Rider" film with Nicolas Cage expressing interest in reprising the title role.

"I know Nic[olas Cage] wants to do it, he's very pumped about it," Neveldine told The Playlist. "We'll just to see how well [this] does."


Speaking of ghosts, Dan Aykroyd spoke to Empire Online about "Ghostbusters 3" rumors, mentioning Bill Murray may not be back as Peter Venkman and may be replaced by another actor. Aykroyd also noted he would want Rick Moranis to play a major part in the production.

"If we can get the script to 'Ghostbusters 3' right, then it would definitely have Moranis as a major component," Aykroyd told Empire. "None of us would want to do the movie without having him as a participant."


With "Dark Knight Rises" coming up this summer, it's the perfect time to print out a few of these Bale-entines for February 14, courtesy of Dark Horse Assistant Editor Jim Gibbons.

Happy Bale-entines Day, everyone!

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