Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Brave: February 23rd Comic Reel


In interview with The L.A. Times' Hero Complex, composer Hans Zimmer spoke to the reason for Christopher Nolan's secrecy surrounding the final installment in his "Batman" trilogy.

"There's always this thing [that people say], 'Oh, Chris is so secretive,'" Zimmer told Hero Complex. "Well, I think that there are two elements to this. One is, I think, to be able to do really good work, you have to have the chance to fail in privacy. And if everybody's watching you on the Internet, I think it stifles creativity. And I think 'Dark Knight' is the perfect example of this idea. Everybody knew we were making a Batman movie. But until it came out they didn't know it was going to be that sort of a Batman movie. And isn't that what we're supposed to do? We're supposed to go and surprise you. And part of the experience has to be a surprise. It feels a little bit like we're working very hard at protecting part of what is great about movies -- the surprise. Because it seems like the world doesn't want you to do that anymore. They want to know everything, they want to know about the stars and [this and that] immediately. And it's not important to us. To us, really, the thing is the writing and the script and the ideas and the journey, and making it into something really good."

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MTV has posted a video with details on the "Amazing Spider-Man" viral campaign in New York City -- seems like a cool way to get fans involved in promoting the film.

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According to "The Avengers" German Facebook Page and reported by Comic Book Movie, a new trailer is set to premiere sometime next week.

Ain't it Cool News has posted this gamma-powered new image of the Hulk.

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New trailer! New trailer! New trailer! (Sorry, I'm really excited about this film.) That is to say, Disney's AU YouTube channel has posted a new clip of Pixar's upcoming film, "Brave." It's fantastic. You've seen the arrow-splitting-the-arrow before in Disney's "Robin Hood," but it doesn't have the emotional impact of "Brave's" take.

Also, here's a new poster from MovieWeb!

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In an interview with Newsarama, "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane gave a quick update on his movie script for the property.

"All the ancillary stuff will come pouring out fairly quickly once I get the big component done, once I announce a movie," McFarlane told Newsarama. "Do I keep nibbling away at it? Yeah. Do I keep getting distracted? Yeah. You know, we just had another conversation where I talked about clearing my schedule for a month and just going away and getting out of the office to finish it up. Because I just keep nibbling it, but I don't get tunnel vision on it like I should have. People are still interested in it. An Academy Award winning actor came out to the offices and said, Todd, I want to be in it, so get that thing done. He calls me once a week going, let's go! Let's go! So we'll get that thing off the ground."


Star Taylor Kistch spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about playing the lead role in Disney's "John Carter," noting how much he enjoys playing a "flawed character."

/Film further reports Kitsch won't return for a sequel unless Andrew Stanton comes back to direct.

"It's such an origin story for JC, this one, and you're always trying to ground yourself, in the first weeks of any film, of the tone, the character, of all that stuff," Kitsch told /Film. "But now we have it. This sequel, we're landing and we're going full tilt. So that's what I'm excited to do. You guys will know where John is so there's no explaining the back story anymore. And I know where Stanton's going with it and it's pretty great."

Additionally, Comic Book Movie has posted a video of Willem Dafoe speaking to his involvement in the motion capture process for the film.

Finally, here's a new featurette for the film titled "John and Dejah."

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Deadline reports William Fichtner has been tapped to replace Dwight Yoakam as the villain in Disney's "Lone Ranger." Yoakam dropped out of the production on Friday due to a scheduling conflict.

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Spanish "Walking Dead" fansite WalkingDeadBR has posted a new clip from this Sunday's episode "18 Miles Out." The subtitles are in Spanish, but the actual clip sounds like it's in Italian. While you may not be able to understand the dialog, what's going on is pretty apparent if you've been keeping up thus far in season two. Some of the commenters have translated the conversation, so check that out for spoilers.

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According to Variety, Warner Bros. has begun development of a live-action "Bleach" film based on the popular manga of the same name. "Get Smart's" Peter Segal is attached to produce while "Wrath of the Titans" writer Dan Mazeau will provide the screenplay. Variety further reports Segal's Callahan Filmworks partner Michael Ewing, "Heroes" star Masi Oka and Viz Productions will also produce.


The Second City is at it again with this amazing parody clip of the upcoming "Hunger Games" film. Check it out.

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