'Dark Knight' meets 'Akira' in car that splits into two motorcycles

If you've ever been stuck in traffic and fantasized you could split off a motorcycle from your car, Dark Knight-style, to race to your destination, you may be in luck. Well, some day.

Combining the functionality of Batman's Tumbler and Batpod with the aesthetics of Kaneda's bike from Akira and the Spinner from Blade Runner, the Lane Splitter concept design from Fast Company's Mark Wilson and Argodesign is a car that converts into two functioning motorcycles.

Measuring 128 inches in length, the purposely asymmetrical, buggy-like vehicle features two seats and two steering wheels; with the push of a button, it splits in two, forming a pair of closed-top bikes.

Argodesign admits to Gizmag that the Lane Splitter won't be going into production any time soon, as the design is cost-prohibitive at the moment. And, honestly, who besides a billionaire playboy/vigilante would be in the market for one? Still, it's fun to imagine the possibilities.

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