"Dark Knight III's" Carrie Kelley is "More Intelligent Than Bruce Wayne," Miller Says

The veteran creator called writer Brian Azzarello the "inspiration" for the sequel to 2001's "The Dark Knight Strikes Again," which debuts Nov. 25 from DC Comics, with art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson and a minicomic drawn by Miller himself.

Miller, who's had more influence on the Dark Knight than virtually any other creator of the past three decades, was asked why he depicted the character as "a total bully." "I didn't write Batman as a bully," he replied. "As a child I've been beaten up by bullies many times. Batman suffered at the hands of bullies that murdered his parents. He's fighting back."

He also addressed where we find the fan favorite Carrie Kelley as "Dark Knight III" opens. "She's gotten older and smarter," Miller said. "She's now Batman's understudy. She is more intelligent than Bruce Wayne."

As for his long, complicated relationship with the Man of Steel? "I love Superman," Miller said. "It's tough love, though. 'Dark Knight' is Batman's story & BATMAN is not particularly fond of Superman."

And asked about criticism of his work as "fascist/misogynist/racist/homophobic," Miller answered, "I feel very confident in who I am. I'm very proud of my work. People can interpret it any way they like."

You can read the complete Q&A on Twitter.

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