Dark Knight, Dank City: 19 Lethally Hilarious Gotham Villain Memes

Gotham may not be the show we were expecting back when it was first announced, however it's very hard to deny its entertainment value. Without a doubt Fox's tale of the rise of Batman's most feared villains has a certain allure and doesn't fail to amuse us every week. With characters such as Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin, Cory Michael Smith's the Riddler, Camren Bicondova's Selina Kyle as well as Anthony Carrigan's Victor Zsasz it's impossible not to have a good time while watching Gotham.

If you happen to be a fan of the show, you know that it has some pretty memeable characters and scenes. Literally everything about Penguin is screaming for memes to be created. His relationship with Ed has also served as an excellent source of meme material. Characters such as Fish Mooney, Barbara Kean, Jerome Valeska, but also Jim Gordon, have served as subjects of countless hilarious memes about Gotham's crazy villains. And while Gotham always provides us with entertainment, comedy is not a genre the show does very often. Unless, you're comfortable laughing at someone's misfortune along with the likes of Jerome and Penguin. So, in order to bring some comedy to the grim world of Gotham, we have found 19 hilarious Gotham villains memes.


Oswald Cobblepot sure came a long way in these five seasons. The former umbrella-boy for the up and coming queen of Gotham, Cobblepot, has had to claw his way up the food chain in order to get where he is now. The poor guy has been through hell and back. His mother was killed, he was shot and thrown into the river twice, and he’s been stabbed in the back a couple of times. It’s no wonder he’s always on the edge and ready to burst.

Cobblepot’s anger issues could definitely use some management, but his perpetual bad mood is entertaining AF and has spawned quite a few memes. This one compares Penguin to Angry Birds. A observation that became funnier now that Penguin went against Professor Pyg. Coincidence? We think not.



Gotham’s had some pretty insane villains over the years and it just keeps getting worse. This season started off with Professor Pyg whose ingenious evil plan involved serving the homeless to Gotham’s elite. Yes, you read that right. Gotham’s elite, Penguin included, feasted on the city’s homeless people.

In order to make these villains feel less scary and threatening someone out there found a fun way to describe them. Our personal favorites are Mr. Angry Nerdy Leprechaun and Homicidal Peppa Pig, but overall these are pretty funny, to-the-point descriptions of Gotham’s most vile villains. However, now that they have new names they don’t strikes us as such horrible people. Well, except for the Homicidal Peppa Pig, because, let's face it, Peppa Pig is just horrible.


Behind the scenes photos are always fun to look at. Especially if they feature the smiling heroes and villains in a brotherly embrace. However, since Gotham is a bit short in the hero department, most of the behind the scenes photos include just a bunch of crazy villains. And while they may look nice and friendly on the pictures one cannot forget that all of these people spend their days playing criminal psychopaths.

While a person who’s not familiar with Gotham would see nothing but five friends having a good time, those of us who watch Gotham know that each and every person on this photo is in fact a criminal psychopath (at least in our eyes). Each of these five psychopaths is dangerous enough on their own and we’d hate to imagine what would happen if they all decided to join forces.



Gotham is not a very lovey-dovey show. Unlike its contemporaries, such as The Flash or The Gifted, Gotham doesn’t have too much room for candle lit dinners, grand romantic gestures and random moments of adorableness. That is not to say that there isn’t any romance on the show. In fact, a number of couples have formed and dissolved over the years.

Penguin’s infatuation with his best friend Edward Nygma was an absolute fan-favorite. Working closely together made Penguin develop romantic feelings for Nygma and gave him hope that one day, Ed would return those feelings. Unfortunately for the King of Gotham, Ed had other interests. This hilarious meme perfectly sums up Penguin’s unrequited love for Nygma which in a way turned out to be the cause of their now antagonistic relationship.


Fish Mooney and Penguin have gone from being employer and employee to being at each other’s throats almost constantly. The two have had a number of altercations over the years, but despite all of their fighting they have a lot in common. For example, their deaths seem to lack finality. No matter how you kill them these two psychos somehow find their way back.

The tough as nails Fish Mooney could easily instill fear into anyone with her presence alone. Merely uttering her name was enough to scare the pants off of low life criminals. Last time she came back, she took down an entire group of villains with just two henchmen at her side. But if we’re being realistic, it’s doubtful that she would have lost even if she was completely alone. Too bad her death was final this time.



When Suicide Squad hit the theaters in August 2016, Fox’s television series Gotham was already heading towards its third season. While at the time the Clown Prince of Crime hasn’t yet appeared on Gotham, Suicide Squad had the Joker in its front line.

Played by Jered Leto, featuring a highly controversial character and costume design, the Joker was eagerly anticipated and actively discussed upon the movie’s release. However, Gotham fans didn’t seem to care all that much about Suicide Squad’s Joker because they were otherwise entertained since Robin Lord Taylor’s performance as the Penguin has proven to be far more enjoyable than Leto’s Joker. So, if you're still hung up on the shortcomings of Suicide Squad and Leto's Joker, do as the meme says -- kick back and enjoy Gotham's Penguin instead.


TV shows based on comic books usually have superheroes at their center -- The Flash, Arrow, Smallville, Daredevil and so on. However, rare gems such as Gotham build their stories around the ones whose sole purpose in life is to make the lives of our heroes impossible. While Fox's Gotham does feature some heroic characters, such as a young Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, most of its characters are in fact villains.

But are they though? Even though Penguin is a perverted maniac, he did come through a couple of times, although at a price. However, Ed Nygma was a good weirdo before he turned into the Riddler. So, are they truly villains or can they also be considered heroes? Well, judging by this meme someone certainly considers them heroes.



The Smith spouses have apparently decided to take over the DC universe, both on TV and the big screen. In 2014, Jada Pinkett Smith started her run as Fish Mooney on Fox's Gotham. Two years later, her husband Will Smith portrayed Deadshot in DCEU’s Suicide Squad. The couple must be very fond of DC Comics and Batman, given that they were both interested in joining Gotham’s most wanted.

Now imagine if DC actually decided to bring Gotham into their DCEU. These two nut jobs could join forces and cause some real trouble. OK, Fish Mooney is dead (allegedly for good this time), but hey no one stays dead in comics or in comic book adaptations, so who’s to say we actually saw the last of her.


Unrequited love is a common occurrence on Gotham. Barbra loved Jim while he loved Lee, for a long time Ed was in love with Ms. Kringle who paid no attention to him, and now Penguin has fallen victim to unrequited love. Penguin fell in love with his best bud Edward Nygma, however, the enigmatic Ed did not return Oswald’s feelings.

Penguin has even tried showing his affection to Nygma with subtle and not-so-subtle as well as adorable and downright insane gestures. But, Nygma was still stuck on Ms. Kringle and started dating a woman who looks exactly like her. Not being one to back down easily, Penguin kept dropping hints in hopes that Ed would one day have a change of heart.



Poor Oswald didn’t have an easy life. Even for Gotham, his life story is a pretty tragic one. Oswald was raised by a single mother, was bullied by other children, has a physical handicap, was mistreated by Fish Mooney, saw his mother being murdered, and was almost killed by his best friend and crush Ed Nygma. And this is just to name a few. It is safe to say that no amount of therapy could possibly help Oswald get his life in order.

This hilarious meme takes advantage of two things that define Penguin -- his peculiar hairstyle and his obviously troubled state of mind. Penguin must have misunderstood the purpose of his new shampoo because while it did fix his hair it failed to fix him. The look on his face suggests he's already thinking of ways how to get back at the shampoo company.


Over the years a number of actors have portrayed the Joker in both live action and animated adaptations. Everyone of course has their own preference and is willing to discuss at length why their favorite Joker is the best one. Whether it’s Mark Hamill in Batman: The Animated Series, Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s Batman, or Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, every version of the Joker has a considerable fanbase.

The two most recent versions of the Clown Prince of Crime in live action media are Gotham’s Jerome Valeska played by Cameron Monaghan and Suicide Squad’s Joker played by Jared Leto. While the Gotham version of the character didn’t receive an extremely positive response, it’s quite difficult to top Leto’s bad reception. Seldom will you hear someone say Leto is their favorite Joker which is why this is the only appropriate reaction to it.



In season three, episode "How the Riddler Got His Name" we saw Edward Nygma's final transformation into his alter ego, the Riddler. After finally getting Oswald to pay for the death of Isabella, Ed is faced with a dilemma -- does he remain Edward Nygma, forensic scientist for the GCPD, or does he embrace his new personality -- the psychotic Riddler.

However, Ed's second personality has been around ever since season two. In a scene where his second personality confronts Ed about killing Ms. Kringle he tells Ed that now everyone will think he's gone nuts. However, Gotham's Caped Crusader doesn't fear nuts. In fact, nuts is pretty much the new normal in Gotham. The bottom screencap is from the 1989 Batman movie where the Dark Knight faces off against his greatest enemy, the Joker.


Cameron Monaghan delivered a chilling performance as Gotham’s most feared villain, the Joker. Even though he’s never actually referred to as such. But prior to becoming the most iconic comic book villain there ever was, Monaghan appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy movie Click.

Monaghan played Kevin O’Doyle, who wasn’t exactly what you would call a friendly kid. The actor must have found his niche and continued on the path of wickedness but with a sizable upgrade. Instead of just being a pesky neighborhood kid, he evolved into a real supervillain terrorizing the entire city. Well, Kevin you sure have come a long way from bullying your peers and annoying your neighbors. We’d say congratulations but we’re not sure developing a psychosis is cause for celebration.



Prior to Gotham we had no idea what a chick magnet Commissioner Gordon used to be back in the day. Over the course of almost five seasons, Jim has had four known love interests: Barbara Kean, Lee Thompkins, Valerie Vale and Sofia Falcone. While the last gal on the list was a certified psycho before meeting Jimbo and the third managed to run away in the nick of time, Jim’s first two girlfriends are a whole other story.

While Barbara may have had her issues prior to being exposed to the "Jim Gordan effect," it is undeniable that Jim gave her the push to cross over to the dark side. However, Lee was a complete sweetheart before her tortured love affair with Jim turned her into another one of Gotham’s psychos. So, perhaps it’s time we saw Jim for what he truly is -- the real villain of Gotham.


Whoever’s in charge of styling the hair of Gotham actors must have some mad skills. Rare are the characters that haven’t had a crazy hairdo or two. Fish Mooney, Jerome Valeska, Barbara Kean and many more have sported some pretty insane hairstyles, however, the one that has gotten the most attention is Penguin’s.

While his hairstyle does change from time to time, it always retains the same crazy look. It is just unfathomable that anyone in their right mind would style their hair the way Oswald does and that’s just it -- he’s not in his right mind. Gotham has often relied on disheveled hair to convey character development and their turn to villainy. After all this time, someone finally gave Penguin’s haircut a proper name. You know, for reference if you ever want to try something new.



Think what you want about Jim Gordon but it’s undeniable that he’s had some pretty bad luck over the years. Apart from being in charge of enforcing the law in a city like Gotham, the poor guy has two psycho ex-girlfriends and is pretty much surrounded by backstabbers. Whenever something bad happens to Jim, which is almost every episode, it makes us wonder how much he can possibly take.

It just seems like he’s walking from one bad situation into another, never catching a break in this endless cycle of bad luck, unfortunate circumstances and orchestrated evil plans. On one of his worse days, after being absent from the force, Gordon finally returned to the line of duty only to be greeted by his now turned evil boss.


Started at the bottom, now we’re here. Back in season one, who would have thought that Fish Mooney’s scrawny umbrella-boy would one day become the mayor of Gotham and the most influential person in Gotham’s criminal underground. But Penguin has shown us all that nothing is impossible as long as you’re willing to do anything to get what you want.

Penguin’s life goal has always been to be the King of Gotham. After he kills his former boos lady, Penguin stands tall on top of a building proclaiming to the city that he is now its king. While watching this momentous scene it was impossible not to think of Jack on the bow of Titanic yelling out "I’m the king of the world." Someone obviously got inspired enough to turn it into a meme.



OK, this one is probably our favorite. Just look at this crazy guy all ecstatic. And you know the only thing that can make the Penguin this happy is the prospect of committing a crime, preferably murder. In an episode that has Oswald hitch a ride back to Gotham with a group of jocks, Penguin re-appropriates their car and goes to find himself a new home.

Someone had perfect timing and paused the moment Oswald greets the owner of the house for the exclusive purpose of creating this meme. Whoever you are good Sir, thank you because this is one hilarious meme. It really does look as if Oswald is inviting a friend (perhaps Ed Nygma) to join him in his fun murdering activities during Gotham's murdering season.


As soon as Camren Bicondova was cast as Selina Kyle in Fox’s Gotham the fans were quick to notice that she did not look anything like the comic book character, but that she could very well pass for a younger version of Michelle Pfeiffer who played Catwoman in Batman Returns. The golden locks, the blue eyes and the sassy attitude make Bicondova’s Catwoman a perfect replica of Pfeiffer’s.

Someone was apparently so intrigued by this similarity that they decided to create a meme demonstrating how the actresses are not only similar in appearance, but how Fox is purposefully recreating Pfeiffer’s Catwoman with Bicondova. We see what you did there, Fox and we don’t mind. If anything, we’re glad you’re basing the character on Pfeiffer’s version.


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